About Us

We are at the forefront of the global contact center industry, empowering businesses to provide unparalleled customer experiences that transcend borders and time zones. Since 1955, we've been experts in outsourcing, account receivables management, and customer service. Like a majestic flock of geese soaring in unison, we've journeyed alongside our clients, whom we affectionately refer to as our "Goslings" and shared customers.

With operations spanning across Canada, Costa Rica, the Philippines, the UK, the United States, Trinidad, Tobago and India we bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and diversity to the core of customer service.

Our committed flock’s vision is to revolutionize customer engagement and support by offering innovative and scalable solutions that enhance customer satisfaction and drive business growth. We believe in the transformative power of technology, the importance of human connection, and the value of tailored solutions.

Core Values

Every quirky, wonderful, unforgettable interaction with our Goslings is driven by these values. They are the lifeblood of our Flock and the true essence of who Bill Gosling Outsourcing is and why we soar so beautifully.

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Our team

At Bill Gosling Outsourcing, we are more than a team; we are a dynamic blend of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm. We take immense pride in our diverse and dedicated professionals who work together to bring excellence and innovation to the heart of everything we do. We are all a part of the Gosling family, working hand in hand to achieve greatness.

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Bill Gosling Outsourcing champions real experiences and genuine feedback, prioritizing client success and continuous improvement. We celebrate our role in clients' success stories, aiming to deliver value and exceed expectations.

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