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You should gain peace of mind when you outsource your customer support team, but that isn’t always the result. The sad reality is thatyou mayreceive complaints from your customers, or even lose theirbusiness entirely. This is because some of these outsourcing companiesonly offer your customers standard solutions that may not adequately address their problems. Modern consumers expect company representatives with personality and verve to accompany their products, but all too often call center employees can come across as robotic,filled with rote, mechanical apathy. Will your clients feel valued ifthey feel like they’re being passed down an assembly line? 

A new wave of engagement agency is challenging the notion that outsourced customer support services are inherently impersonal and cold. This new waveknows that customers need direct assistance, and that they don’t like to be treated like a number. Instead of forcing customers to interact on the outsourcer’sterms, they operate on new platforms at all hours of the day, providing more intuitive and customized service

The traditional call centers would do well to learn from the success of the new engagement agency, adopting some of their innovative, proven practices. As customers become more familiar with this new high standard of service, they’ll start to recognize and disapprove of the following traditional call center traits.

1. Focusing on Quantity Instead of Quality

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed while on the phone–call centers tend to amplify this annoyance. Consumersare often forced to wait on hold for long periods of time, only to find a representative who doesn’t take the time to fully address theirissue. It makes the cliché, “your call is important to us,” much harder to believe. 

The very nature of call centersis to prioritize quantity over quality. After all, they deal with a massive number of customersevery day, and need to minimize wait times to meet their key performance indicator (KPI) and service level agreement (SLA) goals. The unfortunate result of these goals, which are intended to create a better consumer experience, just makes the whole situation more unpleasant for all involved. 

Your representatives should emphasize customer satisfaction duringevery call, no matter how long it takes. If someone has invested time and money to buy your product, you owe them answers and support whenthey have inquiries and concerns. Trying to rush them through an assembly line will only result in a poor experience with your brand.

2. Relying on Scripts Instead of Offering Personalized Service

If you were to put two of your customers in the same room, the differences between them would quicklyemerge. We understand that customers are different,so why are we surprised thattheyloathe call centers that use scripts? Customerswant to feel unique–when you offer them stock solutions, they feel insignificant and their relationship with your brand will erode. 

Your representatives need to demonstratethat they take each inquiry or concern seriously, respecting the customer’s time while showing a desire to help find a solution. Through active listening and asking relevant questions, representativesshouldguide the customerto an outcome that leaves them feeling confident that their goals have been met.

3. Lacking Culture Due to High Employee Turnover Rates

It is no secret that call centers lose employees for all sorts of reasons, which certainly include the practices we’ve outlined thus far. High call volumes, unsatisfied customers, and monotonous scripts don’t contribute to an appealing workplace, which is further compounded by the relentless scrutiny of an often-untrusting management team.

If a call centerhas a revolving door for its employees, how can it represent your company’s unique culture and values? Simply, it can’t. It’s important for customers to see these traits, but it takes time for representatives to learn and portray them correctly. If call centers can’t maintain a consistent roster, they won’t be able to appeal to clients, and this will ultimately hurt your business.

Modern consumers don’t want to be treated like a number. To be successful, call centers should avoid focusing on quantity instead of quality, relying on scripts, and should maintain a consistent roster of employees who can successfully represent your company’s unique culture. You can confidently outsource your customer support team when you partner with a company who values your customers and provides intuitive, customized service.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Martin Roseweir

Martin Roseweir

Martin is the senior vice president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s U.K. location. Martin has been with the company since 1998 and leading the U.K. team since 2012. His current role consists of managing budgets and building client relationships, while developing strategies to enhance productivity and improve processes. Martin also has a Credit Services Association (CSA) diploma with distinction. He has been married for over 25 years and has one son and a dog. Martin also likes to cycle and watch football (not the kind with shoulder pads). This year, he plans to take on the challenge of “Munro bagging”—climbing mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet high.

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