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We live in a fast-paced and exciting time, where constant growth and advances are happening in every area of business, including in the outsourcing industry. It can be tough to keep up with all of the changes, so here are 3 trends that are transforming how outsourcing is evolving for Clients that extends beyond traditional roles.

3. Automation

One of the most exciting things that is happening in the outsourcing world is robotic process automation (RPA). RPA helps businesses to automate repetitive processes to improve efficiency and lower costs. Having computers handle simpler tasks can free up your Agents for uniquely human tasks.

For example, the use of online chatbots have already become common to help to answer simple inquiries from customers during off hours for your contact centre. Beyond that, a chatbot can be offered to your Agents as well. This chatbot would have access to your systems and details of the accounts which would allow your team to provide efficient and personal service to your customers.


Another growing trend with automation is the growth of AI or Agentless technology. This is a new and emerging technology that will handle customer calls and inquiries. The technology is very new and not completely ready to be customer-facing, but is a technology that will see significant growth in the next few years. With its ability to offer a very human experience, customers might assume they are chatting with an actual agent.

2. Ethics of Data

2018 saw more than 6,500 incidents of compromised data events, affecting more than 5 billion records. This means that cyber criminals gained access to the confidential information of your customers and prospective customers an average of 17 times per day. You would be hard pressed to find an organization that has not been the target of a data breech and harder still to find someone who has not been impacted by one. To rival this issue  the much talked about General Data Protection Regulation introduced by the European Union was put in place as of 2018. GDRP provides EU citizens the ability to choose what information a company similarly to CASL and other regulations put in place to offer customers the option to decide what data a company can store and gives customers power over the removal of their data from a database for whatever reason. Failure to comply with this legislation will cost a company a percentage of their global revenue. GDPR is considered the gold standard for global privacy legislation and we will likely see other jurisdictions implementing similar legislation in the future.

2019 sees businesses adding additional layers and processes as protection, in addition to making a concerted effort to educate their teams on the importance of vigilance when it comes to cyber security as more regulations come into place to protect customer data and privacy. Bill Gosling Outsourcing uses smart password policies, two-layer fully redundant Internal, External and VPN firewalls and security awareness training for all staff to help protect our Client’s – and their customer’s – data.


1. Omnichannel Customer Lifecycles

It is clear that companies understand how they communicate and treat their customers will increase their success in selling., Growing trends toward automation, the concentration on privacy of data and the greater understanding of a unified omnichannel solution are transforming the customer experience for the better.


Knowing how to engage customers is about more than just communicating with your customers through multiple channels, it is essential that your omnichannel solution includes real-time customer data synchronization across these channels. Your customer wants a unified and streamlined process. For example, if they start a car loan application on-site, they should be able to complete it through your online portal, or ask specific questions about it through SMS, without having to start over or explain themselves.

Omnichannel solutions are not a new concept, most contact centres have been offering omnichannel- or multichannel - solutions to their Clients for a number of years. However, this year will see more companies expanding how they communicate and connect with their customers. The growth of automation will widen the ability for companies to utilize chatbots through their SMS and webchat channels.



If you want to partner with an organization who understands the trends in the industry, click the link below and see how Bill Gosling Outsourcing can help you to transform your contact centre solutions.

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Kenny Johnston

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