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Topics: Call Centers

Before you outsource, you want to understand exactly what you’ll be receiving from your new partnership. Here are four common questions about call center outsourcing companies, answered.

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1. Will They Be Invested in Helping My Company Succeed?

Most call center outsourcing companies are incredibly invested in helping your business succeed—and they know the best way to help you do that is to provide your customers with excellent service.

They have a staff of knowledgeable representatives who will be trained to become expert call managers for your company. They will learn about the products and services you offer—all you have to do is provide the information.

2. It Outsourcing Affordable?

Call center outsourcing companies can help your company save money in a variety of ways. First and foremost, providers have a number of clients, which means they can allocate the overhead costs of the call center across several accounts. That means you are only paying a fraction of the cost of staffing and operating your call center.

That also means you get access to a whole bunch of perks, including multiple channels, multiple centers, and the best in technology, for a relatively low cost. Better yet, many providers offer scalable and flexible service, so you only pay for what you need.

3. Do They Offer Outbound Services as Well?

Many people are confused about the kinds of services that call center outsourcing companies can provide.

When people talk about outsourcing, they are most often discussing inbound services: Customers call in with questions or concerns, and customer service representatives help them.

What you may not know is that many providers offer a wide range of services outside of inbound services, including outbound services. In many cases, they can also offer additional services, such as strategic consulting and BPO services.

4. Will They Adhere to My Brand Standards?

Call center companies will always adhere to your brand standards. They know they’re representing your company when they’re speaking to your customers. They strive to provide positive customer experiences in every interaction.  

Call center outsourcing companies will work with you to ensure every interaction promotes and adheres to your brand—even negative interactions. They will take the time to understand your company, its values, and its culture to ensure positive experiences for your customers.

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Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston

Kenny brings over 20 years of industry experience to his role as president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing. He began his career in the United Kingdom in 1993, and has progressed his way through the ranks to his current role. Kenny is responsible for operational budgets, developing client relationships, and working to create the long-term vision, business philosophy, and company culture that Bill Gosling Outsourcing aspires to.

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