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Topics: Call Centers

The call center has changed. Today, customer support takes multiple forms from interactions on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to text messaging, to chatting on your website. This has given rise to the idea of the “contact center”—a place that your customers can contact for support via almost any means they want. 

You know that it can be difficult to meet every customer’s expectations for your contact center, which is why you have decided to partner with a provider. As you try to decide on a provider, keep in mind these four reasons to ensure you get diverse contact center technology.

4. You Need Multiple Channels

All the old affiliations that come with a “call center” are not really accurate anymore. Today, customer support operations are more appropriately called “contact centers,” since customers can get in touch with companies in any number of ways. 

In fact, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to offer their customers a number of ways to get in touch to get information. Some customers might be used to calling, but others would prefer to text or chat on your website. Still others will want to send an email or fill in a webform. Self-sufficient customers will scour your website for information before they call or email, so it is important to offer them a knowledge base or FAQs for reference.

3. Diverse Technology Means Better Support

One of customers’ complaints about call centers has always been wait times. High call volumes have meant that customers are sometimes on hold for a very long time before they actually speak with a representative. The longer they are on hold, the more frustrated they are when they do finally get through. 

New technologies make contact centers better than ever before. Take, for example, virtual hold services: The customer can log their phone number and the system puts them into the queue. The customer can then hang up and go about their day. Later, a representative calls them back when their number comes up in the queue. Other technologies, such as cloud computing and data mining, are also helping businesses offer better customer experiences.

2. A Mix as Unique as Your Business

Some providers offer one-size-fits-all solutions, which are often more trouble than they are worth. While the price tag might be attractive, you are often paying for services you don’t need or want—all without getting the services you do need.

Your provider should always offer you a customizable mix of contact center technology. They should have a menu of services. You should be able to create your own personalized package by selecting the services you need and want—leaving behind those you do not want.

Do your customers love to chat, but don’t use Twitter or Facebook? Don’t pay for social media services that you do not need.

1. Scalable Service

Another problem with one-size-fits-all providers is their preset packages. Not only do you not pick your services, you’re also locked in for service on a certain scale. Pick a package that guarantees you only two reps for your contact center and, when things get busy, your wait times will increase exponentially. But selecting the package that guarantees you six reps might be too much for when you’re not as busy.

Your provider should offer you scalable service, just like they offer you a choice of contact center technology. Do you need chat services only in the evening or on the weekend? Do you need additional support at certain times of the year because of your industry? Get it all with a provider who offers scalable service.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

David Rae

David Rae

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