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As a business owner, it is critical that you hire the right people for the job, beyond filling positions internally - it also includes connecting with the right partners. Your partners are especially important when you are outsourcing your customer-facing processes to a call center. Outsourcing allows you to build your business, with the right people, security, and technology while saving you money.

1.      Flexibility

All companies experience periods of growth where you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you have an overwhelming strain on your internal customer service. Pairing with a call center will better prepare you for the changing needs of your business. Call centers have plans in place to allow Clients to flex up or down based on changing volumes and needs. Outsourcing companies also have a great deal of experience in the hiring, onboarding, and retention of a great deal of talent quickly. Your call center will help you avoid overextending resources by responding to your customers on your behalf.

2.      Expert Staff

Your call center specializes in meeting unique customer needs. They have the resources and experience to ensure that your portfolio is staffed with Agents who are experienced in your industry. They will also staff your portfolio with team members who offer you a host of other skills – like multiple languages – to better communicate and assist all of your customers.


Your partner will provide a great deal of training to their Agents on your processes and products, transforming them into subject matter experts on your business. They can quickly react and adapt to any scenario they face, from resolving a unique dispute to providing an answer to an unusual request. This additional training will minimize the disruption to your customer that comes from delays and excessive transferring, providing faster, more accurate service.

3.      Security and Compliance

Outsourcing companies train their employees to be your subject matter experts. However, they are also subject matter experts in a constantly changing and evolving concern of security and regulatory compliance. There is a lot of discussion happening in the global marketplace regarding the storage and protection of confidential or private information that a company can access. Outsourcing companies have an entire team dedicated to understanding and navigating the complexities of remaining compliant to various regulations.

All states, provinces, and countries have legislation that outlines the restrictions and protections for consumers. This regulation includes the frequency and what methods you can use to contact your customers, these are unique to every jurisdiction. Hiring an expert outsourcing company provides you with access to this information and the technology and policy in place to ensure compliance.

4.      Latest Technology

Like the technology that protects your customers from excessive contact, call centers invest in technology that helps them to complete their business more efficiently and effectively. Pairing with the right team and call center provides you with access to this technology without any additional cost. These technologies can include telephony infrastructures like a unique self-serve solution that allows your customers to resolve their queries without assistance.

Telephony is only one part of the technology available to you with an outsourcing company. An expert agency will analyze and evaluate how your customers connect with your business – providing your customer with SMS, web chat, or a unique web portal as additional points of contact.

Saving Money

5.      Save Money

It may seem obvious, but time isn’t money, it is the capacity to make money. You don’t have the time or money to hire and onboard additional staff, your team doesn’t have the time or capacity to focus on your customer service when they are needed to focus on the operation of your business. Just like shopping in bulk allows to purchase products at a discount and your call center allows you to access a great number of employees for a reduced cost. Outsourcing outside of North America also provides you an opportunity to leverage a workforce in another country, where costs are lower, without impacting the level of service you provide to your very valuable customers. Call centers provide you with an exceptional level of service without your costs or overhead increasing.

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While handing over your customer service to a partner is an intimidating task, the advantages provided by an expert partner are incomparable. If you are ready to start benefiting from a skilled team, click the button below to start the discussion and see what Bill Gosling Outsourcing can do for you.

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Jason Henning

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