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Topics: Call Centers

Customer experience and service is vital to your company’s success, which is why you’ve allocated more resources to your customer contact center. Whether you’re outsourcing everything or using a mix of outsourced and in-house services, you’re ready to ramp up your efforts for your customers.

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Now the tricky part: Which services should you offer? It’s a decision you’ll have to make whether those services are in-house or outsourced. There’s a lengthy list of services you could offer, and a whole bunch of features that might look like bells and whistles from afar.

So what do you really need from your center? If you look for these five features, you won’t go wrong.

1. Multiple Centers

Why should you seek out a third-party provider that has multiple contact center locations? The answer’s pretty simple: It allows you to follow the sun and deliver 24/7 customer care effortlessly.

How? With multiple centers located across the globe, your provider has staff in different time zones. A customer service rep in the Philippines is working their day shift when your customer calls in from the US at 9pm. Why is this a good thing? You avoid the problem of needing to staff for nights and evenings, and it usually leads to better customer service.

2. Cloud Capabilities

You’ve probably heard about the cloud; it’s a pretty big buzzword in technology circles right now, and it seems like everyone’s jumping on board. You might be left wondering if it’s really worth the hype.

The answer is yes, and you should most definitely seek out a contact center employing cloud technology. Advantages abound: Cloud computing allows better real-time tracking and analysis of huge datasets, providing you with sharper insight sooner. The speed of analysis lets you track trends and make business decisions in a flash—and keep pace with your ever-shifting market.

Another advantage? The provider you’ve partnered with also uses those insights to make better business decisions. The provider is working hard to create efficiencies in staffing and operations, resulting in cost savings and better customer service for your firm.

3. A Focus on Training

Your tools are only as good as the people operating them, so ask about how your contact center provider trains its customer service reps. If the provider is using old, outdated paradigms (like restrictive scripts), hightail it out of the contract negotiations.

Your provider should have a focus on helping reps deliver the best possible customer service, which means employing new service delivery techniques and ideas.

4. A Mix of Services

When you contracted for contact center services, you likely thought about inbound services first and foremost. If you haven’t thought about outbound services, now’s the time to pause and mull it over. Outbound services allow you to keep in touch with your customers on a more regular basis, reaching out to them through a variety of methods.

Your provider should also use a mix of communication channels; reps should be able to webchat just as easily as they can put together a self-serve FAQ for your website, which your customers can then use. The broader the mix of service offerings, the better off you are. Even if you don’t use all the services right off the bat, you’ve got room to expand.

5. Other Services

Does your provider only work on your contact center? If so, it might be time to rethink the partnership. The best providers can work with you in any number of different ways, helping you build your brand or devise a strategic plan.

When you partner with a provider that can offer you more than just contact center services, you’ll get a more holistic package—which improves customer service delivery as all the moving parts begin to work in harmony.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston

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