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5 Reasons Why You Want to Work for a Business Process Outsourcing Firm

When you thought about your ideal job as a budding youth, you may have thought about being a doctor, a teacher, or a carpenter. You probably never pictured yourself moving up the ranks in a busting call center, working for a Business Process Outsourcer (BPO).  Maybe you’re not ready for post-secondary school, don’t want to work in fast food, and are looking for that office-environment. Many in the industry find themselves working in a contact center unexpectedly. While rarely pictured as the dream job, the rapid industry growth, and a focus on engagement, training, and retention, work at a call center is exactly what you should do! Here are 5 of the top reasons to consider a career in the outsourcing space.

1. Career Advancement

With an expanding client base, the industry sees a lot of growth – meaning, opportunity for advancement.  You might start out working in one department and find openings in supervisory roles. You might also notice that there is an opening in a different department as new clients join the company. All of these career paths allow you the chance to find a career that you love in a fast-paced, growing industry (for example, BGO’s president, Kenny Johnston, started out as an agent in our Glasgow office in 1993).

2. Benefits and Amenities

BPOs understand that their greatest assets are their people. To keep top talent engaged, they offer the best benefits and amenities to their staff. BPOs often provide health insurance and wellness benefits, tuition repayment, on-site Gyms and games rooms. The goal is an involved employee who knows the value the company places in them.


On-site Gym at work

3. Training

Many new employees come to the industry without experience or training. BPOs offer important, involved, and dedicated training to all new hires. There is also on-going education provided to their employees to make sure that they are aware of changes in regulations.

4. Work-Life Balance

Working at a round-the-clock call center has a number of benefits to help maintain a good work-life balance. Early bird? Work early morning shifts. Going to school during the day, and more of a Night owl? Work an afternoon-evening shift. While some jobs may have the associated stress of taking work home, most outsourcers working for financial & banking clients require too much security for you to be able to work at home!   

5. Rewards and Recognition

Everyone wants to be recognized for work well done – whether individually or working as a team. Depending on your position, call centers offer incentives for meeting goals, rewards for behaviour, and employee celebration days! This recognition for hard work fosters and encourages an environment of goal setting and celebration of success.

Recognition and approval

A great call center understands that the most valuable asset of any business is its people. Reach out and find out how a career with Bill Gosling Outsourcing will set you on a path to success.

Working at Bill Gosling

Brad Bone

Brad Bone

Brad rejoined our team in 2018 as Senior Vice-President, Enterprise Growth & Development. Brad brings over 25 years of experience in the outsourcing space covering both the United States and Canadian markets. He has held numerous leadership roles centered on providing strategic partners with best in class performance across all spectrums of the relationship.

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