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With the continually developing situation in the world, many businesses, including our own, are moving away from a traditional office setting to embrace the remote worker, however temporarily. During this time of rapid change, it is vital to continue to support your greatest asset, your people. Bill Gosling is multinational, with so many of our employees working remote, so how do we train and retain top talent when our workers are maintaining social distancing?


1.      Have an Accessible Training Portal

One of the challenges of remote workers is the sharing of information, and you need your employees to be able to access the training. Hosting your training and learning on an online portal provides a distant employee with easy access. Bill Gosling has been using Workday for the past few years as our Recruitment, Training and Human Resource Management; platform. We provide online learning programmes to all our employees, which are accessible through mobile or desktop. In addition to leveraging WD as a learning portal, our team also has the ability to create SCORM compliant files for ease of use among clients, and other vendors.

We have years of experience in building and sharing learning on these platforms, both internal and for our Clients.


2.      Make Learning Interesting

The changes in the world have placed your workers at a different location, but they are still utilising technology to do their jobs every day. Just as the work environment is changing, your training can too. With Computer Based Training (CBTs) are accessible from any mobile device or computer and takes learning to the next step. We can build your training to feel like a gaming experience that your employees play, guiding them through demonstration videos and even allow them to choose their learning path. The technology is available to create training that utilises your existing content and format it in an engaging way.  


3.      Train in the Way They Learn

People learn in different ways; we have broken down the different ways that people learn previously. It is so important to provide your team with options. At Bill Gosling Aural learners can utilise videos and text to speech technology, readers have access to articles and written explanations, and the kinetic learners can use video conferencing for role-play exercises. No matter what challenges your learners face, you can provide them with options in their learning will help to ensure retention and encourage self-driven learning. Engage your audience through various ways of learning for better retention and success.

4.      Monitor Engagement and Retention

As with all areas of business, analytics plays a crucial part in success. Learning is not exempt from this. Post-training assessment and feedback must be part of your training process. Throughout the learning, you must embed evaluations, like quizzes or tests, to track the progress of your employees. This analytics also offers you insight into the teaching itself. Track what is working and what isn’t to improve your training for future employees continually.


5.      Don’t Stop Training

Learning is a never-ending process, and your training programme must support that. Bill Gosling recently launched a virtual artificial intelligence desk aid to help answer frequently asked questions for our Agents. This bot learns what Agents are asking, and our training team is always working to improve responses and upgrade information. Solutions like this can be very beneficial in highly regulated environments, as updating the material is a simple process. Your training cannot be static; it must continue to evolve and continue to provide your employees with new ways to improve and upskill themselves. Frequent training ensures that staff is getting the most updated information, this continual improvement becomes part of the company culture ensuring that Agents are comfortable continuing their training when Company-wide or Client-wide changes or updates occur.

Right now, it is difficult to understand how long the current situation will last as countries continue to implement stricter rules regarding quarantine and access. In the meantime, however, your business must continue to thrive. Thriving and succeeding means evolving your current process, and ensuring your team gets the training it needs, regardless of their location.


Is your training programme causing your business pain at this time? Reach out to Bill Gosling now to see how we can help.

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James Robertson

James Robertson

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