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Business process services are everywhere these days. In some businesses, you’ll find them in the legal and finance departments; in other firms, IT and marketing might benefit from business process services.

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Why should you consider these services for your firm? The biggest advantage is increased efficiency.

1. Restoring Focus

In an ideal world, every person would be employed in a job that he or she enjoyed and excelled at. But the reality is people have to manage all kinds of tasks at work. Some tasks are important, but others are less interesting. All need to be done, however, no matter how exciting or tedious.

The problem arises when talented employees, who are very good at their primary tasks, get wrapped up in non-core tasks that eat up a lot of time and don’t make good use of their skills and talents.

Business processing services can resolve this issue by taking those non-core tasks off the desks of employees whose talents are needed elsewhere in your business.

2. The Right People

Sometimes, the issue is that your employees simply aren’t used to completing the task and it takes them too long. Your marketing manager is incredibly talented, but she’s looking at the bigger picture, not the minute details. Your chief of IT is thinking about the entire infrastructure sustaining your business, not each individual program you’re running. While they can complete these tasks, they don’t do so on a day-to-day basis.

With business process services, you can hand these tasks off to people who do them on a frequent basis—meaning they can complete them more effectively and efficiently. It also means fewer mistakes—and your other employees get back to what’s important.

3. Better Technology

You also may not have all the tools you need in-house. Business process services can help you get access to the right tool for each and every task that comes across your desk. Data entry can be tedious, for example, but there are programs, tools, and techniques that make it more manageable.

Of course, business process outsourcing providers ensure their staff members are trained to use these tools, which help them get through the tasks you assign them more quickly and easily. The expertise and experience of the team you’ll work with allows the process to be executed in ways that drive better results.

4. Working Together

Your service provider will work closely with you to meet your needs. They have the expertise about the particular service and process, while you have the insider knowledge about how your business works, where you need to improve, and the expectations of your industry.

Together, you’re an unstoppable force. The provider will analyze the information you provide and formulate a solution for your business, allowing you to capitalize on your advantages and strengths in your industry.

5. Better Planning, Better Processes

When your executives and managers can finally see the forest (instead of the trees), they’ll be able to spend more of their time strategizing and planning your business’s next moves forward. In turn, they’ll be able to pass these ideas along to your outsourcing partner, who can then implement better processes and procedures to support your business goals.

The result is increased efficiency: You plan and implement better procedures, hire experts, and put everyone’s talents to the best possible use. It sounds almost like an idealized world. It’s not; it can be reality.


Mike Nolet

Mike Nolet

Mike is the senior vice president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s North American operations. He has been leading the operations teams since 2011, bringing over 20 years of previous experience to the team. Mike is a core contributor towards the company’s corporate strategic planning. Since joining Bill Gosling Outsourcing, he has been a driving force behind growth, process improvement, and implementing positive change within the organization. Mike is also a wine aficionado.

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