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In our last blog, we discussed what corporate social responsibility is, and why it is important, but how do you take your company to the next level of Social Responsibility?

1.      Pay it forward

A very easy way to be a more concerned and responsible global citizen is to find a way to “pay forward” some kindness. This is a great place to start improving your comfort level with making more socially responsible decisions.


The concept of paying it forward grew in popularity in the year 2000 with the release of its namesake’s  . The concept is simple, someone does favours for three people and asks that they “pay the favour forward” to three people themselves. In this way a small favour can grow exponentially. Your good deed does not need to be complicated, expensive or elaborate. It can be as small as paying for the coffee of the person behind you in line, or as big as paying for a stranger’s groceries or tuition.

2.      Give back to Your Community

International organizations do fantastic work to help people around the globe, but they are not the only organizations that can make a big difference. Finding a smaller, local organization that gives back to the immediate community where you and your employees live will help to increase the level of satisfaction and engagement your employees feel. These smaller organizations are able to stretch the dollar you donate a little bit further and generally have lower costs and overheads, meaning a higher percentage of the money they raise goes right back into supporting your local community.

3.      Focus on Non-monetary Wins

Previously, we have talked about the importance of celebrating successes in your business and why it is important to focus on more than just monetary gains. It is important, as you move to a more socially responsible framework to your business, to look at metrics beyond simply your profits to measure your company’s success.

The Triple Bottom Line approach (also known as the 3 Ps) has become increasingly prevalent in business. This approach balances focus on People, Planet and Profits equally, leading to a more responsible, sustainable and successful business overall.

Connect with Clients Who Share Your Values

4.      Connect with Clients who Share Your Values

Being socially responsible means being accountable, transparent and sustainable. When you have put a lot of effort into your corporate social responsibility program, you want to work with companies who also hold these values.

Your relationship with your clients should be collaborative and mutually beneficial, sharing values and supporting each others’ vision. A company looking to conserve energy to cut costs does not necessarily help the environment: without employee buy-in for a cause, actions and energy-preserving practices are unlikely to be followed at a ground level. A company who instills energy conservation as part of its vision and values, rewarding behaviour through incentives, or highlighting departments and their employees for their achievements (whether it be turning off computer monitors, using .

When your company is just starting out it seems foolish to ever refuse a contract, but you should want to work with companies who hold the same ethical values as you:


Find a sustainable resolution

5.      Stop doing harm

It is admirable to put your money where your mouth is and support causes and issues that are important to you, but it is equally essential to stop doing the harmful things you have been doing all along. Does your company print reams of paper every day? Is there some way that your company can transition to a more environmentally friendly paper-free system? Institute a recycling program in your building or encourage carpooling with special parking spots or discounted transit passes. Think about how your everyday actions impact the world around you and make a concerted effort to improve your processes to counteract these negative effects.

 Do you want to work with a company that works hard to be Socially Responsible? Do you want to work with a company who values their people, the planet as well as profit? Reach out today to see what Bill Gosling can do to help your company reach your goals. 


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