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Topics: Sales and Acquisition

Every business owner dreams of a growing business, with sales and customer acquisitions steadily increasing. 

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Yet customer sales and acquisitions is often an uphill battle. The statistics don’t lie: It’s easier to retain customers than it is to get new ones. And even the ones you have can be difficult to convince about new products or services. 

If you want to improve your customer sales and acquisitions process, look no further than these six methods.

1. Focus on Existing Customers

Many people make the mistake of believing growth only means adding new customers. While you want to continue acquiring new customers, your existing customers can also help your company grow. 

How? Easy: They can buy more from you. It’s actually easier to convince your existing customers to make another purchase than it is to acquire a new customer. Yet many marketing campaigns make appeals to potential new customers, rather than offering loyal customers something in return for their business. 

Instead, reward those customers who already work with you. Not only will you keep them happy, they’ll tell their friends—who might be inclined to switch to a company that treats them right.

2. Revise Your Credit Policy

One way to improve customer sales and acquisitions is to revisit your credit policy. Maybe you can extend additional credit to existing customers, who then use their additional purchasing power to buy more. 

A revised credit policy can also target new customers who may not have been eligible in the past, or didn’t think of your company as a good fit for them. By showing them why you’re a good choice, you can win some of them over.

3. Offer Better Customer Service

You might think customer service can’t help with customer sales and acquisition. After all, customer service is often rendered only after consumers have become customers, often when they have an issue with the product or service.

Customer service actually starts much sooner. It begins the second you make contact with potential customers. By offering information and advice during the purchase-decision process, you can establish trust. When you provide great customer service, they know you’ll treat them right if they switch companies, open accounts, or purchase additional services!

4. Customize the Pitch

Most customers today don’t appreciate a cold call or a mass email. In fact, they rarely open what they think of as spam, instead letting it linger in their junk boxes. Most of the time, they don’t believe the “deals” you’re offering are really deals at all.

Instead, use the data you collect about customers to personalize the sales emails and pitches you send. Potential customers might spend time looking at services on your website. Find out what they’re looking at and offer them a great introductory deal.

You already have a wealth of knowledge about your existing customers. Tap in to the database to offer them customized deals.

5. Focus on Relationships

Customer sales and acquisitions is a bit misleading. It sounds like you should be focusing only on sales and acquiring new customers.

The truth is you should turn your focus to building relationships with your customers. People would much rather buy from a company they trust to deliver great service and a great product. From your initial contact with potential customers, you should focus on building relationships with them—not just how much you can sell them or how you can win them over.

6. Enlist the Experts

If you really want to improve your customer sales and acquisitions, turn to the experts. An outsourcer can assist you with many of the tasks on this list, including the overarching goal of getting more sales and acquiring more customers.

It’s easy to see there are many ways you can improve sales and acquisitions! All you need to do is get started.


Jason Henning

Jason Henning

Jason is the senior vice president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s offshore location in the Philippines. He began this role in 2012 and was an integral part of the company’s development. Jason has over 10 years of experience in international operations; he managed all aspects of operations, profitability, and business development for Convergys’ offshore accounts receivable management. He’s also an avid golf player and a Delta Million Miler traveler.

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