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Any Organization must have a vision and a core set of values uniting the company and helping them to meet their goals. Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s (BGO) refreshed Core Focus and Values will help us carry into the future with accountability and success.

The first of our Core Values is Never Satisfied. BGO is never satisfied with simply meeting our targets; we always want to be pushing to be better and do more. As I like to say, “Our industry is like being in the playoffs 12 months of the year,” each month is a new opportunity for us to meet our goals.


What this means for the Company

Never satisfied means that we need to work with people who focus on winning. More than just a meeting our company or individual goals, regularly winning for our Clients create more opportunities for growth. Our wins set us apart against the competition – encouraging our Clients to trust us with more. Our Clients know that we can consistently return success no matter what new opportunities they entrust us with, or what suggestions we make based on best practices.

Our “Never Satisfied” attitude with a Top 5 Peer-to-Peer Lending Fintech, grew our program with them from 10 FTE in 2016 to 50 by August 2019. This Client also recently entrusted us with an additional point of their customer journey, expanding our operations with them significantly. This new opportunity would not be so readily available to us if not for the history of wins in the relationship.

How BGO Remains “Never Satisfied”

Building a foundation is the piling of bricks or rocks upon one another to build the strong groundwork. Based on the ideas outlined in Traction by Gino Wickman, BGO utilizes Quarterly Rocks to build the foundation of our Vision. BGO sets three to seven company-wide ROCKS, which are held accountable by a member of the Upper Management Team. Every member of the Senior Management Team sets their own personal ROCKS that support the Organization’s ROCKS, these filters down throughout the Organization, setting the focus for all Goslings. This ensures that each Gosling has a short-term focus (no more then 90-days) to work towards. Setting a limited number of ROCKS helps avoid trying to fix everything all at once, limited priorities mean we can focus on what is most important to us.


What this means for our Partners

A team that is “Never Satisfied” is a team that will not only meet targets set out for them, but will exceed that. Beyond that a “Never Satisfied” team like BGO will work with you to set additional challenges for their team. Using the many points of analysis that we track, BGO will help you to understand what other performance indicators will help you, and us, to understand your business.

One Client, a Top 3 Point of Sale Fintech, was concerned with their key performance indicators (KPI) over their busiest weekend of the year. Previous vendors were unable to meet expected targets, however, with the installation of new technology and significant training in the ramp up of the program, BGO’s service levels were 95% or higher (over 50% in previous years). Our Client would have been satisfied for meeting a minimum KPI, however, BGO knew we would not be satisfied with anything less than the 95%. BGO’s Clients sleep well knowing that they have trusted a “Never Satisfied” team with their customers.

What this means for our Flock

Walking past a winning team at the end of a successful month, you come to understand one thing – winning gives off a palatable feeling of positivity and energy. This energy bleeds into all other aspects of our Core Values and encourages other teams to succeed.


Sports teams can’t be successful if they forget to play both offense and defense; our industry is no different; every part must work together to reach our goals. Your individual targets or goals feed our Organization’s goals. Every Gosling in our global flock has a responsibility to internalize the Never Satisfied Value and work hard to push for your individual goals. More than that, hold your fellow Goslings, from the top leadership down to your desk mates, accountable to the same Values – help them to stay motivated and push through challenges and obstacles.

Only by working together and living the Core Values can we reach the success that I know we can deliver. For more information on BGO’s Core Values: check out our YouTube channel and see Core Values


David Rae

David Rae

David started with Bill Gosling Outsourcing in 1983. As CEO, he sets the future direction of the organization, develops services that help with clients’ pain, while ensuring that the strategic direction is aligned to the shareholders’ requirements. During his tenure, the company has expanded internationally, opening offices in the United States and the Philippines. Also known as Razor, David is a drummer extraordinaire and his favorite bands include Blue Rodeo, Lighthouse, Supertramp, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Guess Who.

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