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Technology is continuously changing how customers communicate: gone are the days of knocking on doors, pagers, and mailing letters. Smartphones have placed multiple channels of communication at your customer’s fingertips. It is so crucial in this very connected world to meet your customers on all platforms that they use. This connected world is why Omnichannel solutions are so essential for your customer service strategy. Outside of customer service providers, omnichannel is a word outside of your vocabulary.

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What is an Omnichannel

Omnichannel grew from the concept of a multi-tiered business method, using every available tool to help your business grow. Similar to how organizations advertise their business on multiple channels – television commercials, radio ads, digital spots, and social media marketing – you need to reach your customers through several channels.

An omnichannel approach is all-encompassing; it goes beyond picking and choosing how your customers can contact you. In the world of customer service, this means connecting with your customers through all channels – telephone, email, SMS texts, webchat, and social media.

How Can I Use Omnichannel Solutions to Assist My Customer Service?

Being everywhere at once opens your customer service on several levels. Your inbound and outbound call centre will connect your internal customer service department with your customers directly – this is the traditional approach to customer service, where an agent you hire will represent your Company and your brand to your customers. They will be able to answer any queries made by a customer and will be the voice of your organization to your customers.

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Many customers prefer to communicate through Web chat, email, social media, and SMS texts for many reasons, they may find it more convenient than calling, or they might like to have a written copy of the communication. These methods of communications work very similarly to the inbound and outbound program: an agent provides service to your customer from the other end of the computer. Your customer can respond to text messages they receive, or they can reach out to you via a chat program on your website or social media page. Many customers will reach out to you through several methods throughout their customer lifecycle.

How Can Omnichannel Help Your Business

An omnichannel solution elevates how your customers can get the information that they need. They can reach out to you quickly. If they have a question about your goods or services while they are perusing your website they can get real-time answers, even if it is not convenient for them to call you. Your customers will have a seamless experience that matches the excellent level of service that your customers expect. Your non-voice agents will still work as an excellent ambassador for your organization and your brand. These agents are even able to carry on multiple conversations with your customers at one time – leading to shorter wait times for your customers. 

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Your customers need service at all hours of the day. Omnichannel solutions can also provide your customers with a way to communicate with your company outside of traditional office hours when it is convenient for them. Many inquiries from customers on your website or through text message can be answered by “bots” who have access to your systems. Outsourcing this service also allows you to staff this customer service team 24/7, at a reasonable cost.


It is clear that the future of customer service is omnichannel. Your customers want to communicate with you in the way that is most convenient for them, failing to meet your customers on all levels is a missed opportunity for your organization.

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