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Technology has had a profound effect on consumers’ buying habits. This new world has encouraged growth in online retailers. Anyone who’s recently bought from online retailers knows that new innovations have made the shopping experience more convenient and efficient. But these changes have also affected buyers’ expectations. They get impatient if a transaction takes too long, and a wealth of alternatives ensures that they can go elsewhere if a product or service doesn’t meet their needs. 

Old customer service practices can’t accommodate this new way of doing business. Thankfully, technology is a double-edged sword. While it may eliminate traditional client care methods, it also enables companies to cater to their customers in exciting new ways. Those that remain complacent will not be able to satisfy their audience, but those that can adapt to these challenges will be able to achieve a new level of consumer engagement. 

The following represents just a few examples of the innovative call centre technology on the market today. You’ll be able to satisfy your customers’ unique needs with these tools on your side.

Call Distributors Ensure Qualified Representatives Answer Calls

Consumers value their time. They may hang up on you if you make them jump through hoops to reach the right service representative. You need to ensure that the right person picks up when customers call because they probably won’t call back. 

Call distributors can help you achieve this goal. This call centre technology establishes a consumer’s needs before it connects them with a service agent. Based on a few set criteria, it routes the call to a representative who’s qualified to address the issue. Your customers will never have to play telephone tag with your hotline ever again, and they’ll be grateful for that convenience.

Customer Relationship Management Software Allows for Greater Personalization

Great customer service involves personalization. Each customer has unique needs, and if you can fulfil them thoughtfully and intuitively, you’ll make a better impression on your callers. Unfortunately, while many believe that a smile can be heard during a phone call, telephones can’t facilitate eye contact or other considerate gestures, so you need to know more about your customers to make up for this disparity. 

That’s where call centre technology like customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in handy. It allows representatives to access pertinent information about a customer when he or she phones in. Consumers won’t have to repeat themselves, leading to a smoother, more personable experience.

Universal Queueing Helps You Answer Calls and Messages Faster

Twenty minutes can feel like an eternity when you’re stuck on hold. Unfortunately, customers overload call centres frequently, so it can be difficult to reduce these wait times. Fortunately, universal queueing can help alleviate the problem.

Call centres don’t just handle telephone communications anymore. Representatives have to keep up with email messages, social media communications, chat tools, and more. Universal queueing puts customers using all of these methods into the same line. This ensures that service is spread evenly across these media. Users on social media will get addressed with the same frequency as those on email, and everyone will have shorter wait times.

Call Recording Helps Train Other Workers

Upon calling a support hotline, a voice likely states that your call will be recorded for quality assurance purposes. This may seem odd from a customer’s perspective, but it creates learning opportunities for new workers and a greater sense of accountability among service representatives. 

People tend to behave differently when they know they’re being recorded. They may make an effort to be more personable, or refrain from conduct they might not exhibit otherwise. Recorded calls also act as concrete examples for trainees. When new representatives listen to calls, they can see what another employee did right or wrong and adjust their behavior accordingly.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Martin Roseweir

Martin Roseweir

Martin is the senior vice president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s U.K. location. Martin has been with the company since 1998 and leading the U.K. team since 2012. His current role consists of managing budgets and building client relationships, while developing strategies to enhance productivity and improve processes. Martin also has a Credit Services Association (CSA) diploma with distinction. He has been married for over 25 years and has one son and a dog. Martin also likes to cycle and watch football (not the kind with shoulder pads). This year, he plans to take on the challenge of “Munro bagging”—climbing mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet high.

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