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Topics: Call Centers

Contact centers are vital pieces of the customer experience strategy for organizations of all shapes and sizes involved in just about every industry imaginable. Having a contact center isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Fortunately, contact center technology continues to evolve and improve the way you deliver customer service for your customers. Yet some firms continue to use outdated tech in their contact centers—without realizing the potential harm it’s doing to their businesses.

The Idea of Progress

New technologies are constantly being developed to help people complete tasks more easily, quickly, and efficiently. Today, dishwashers and washing machines are almost staples of everyday life, whereas 70 years ago, they were new-fangled luxuries.

Business technology evolves the same way: to help people complete their jobs in the most efficient way possible. Contact center technology aims to deliver the best possible customer service in the most efficient manner. New technological developments help businesses improve and strive to meet the goal of delivering high-quality customer service.

Old Tech Was Once New Tech

The problem with technology is that new innovations quickly become outdated. Tech evolves at such a rapid pace that it becomes difficult to keep up. Even big businesses can feel the pinch when it comes to upgrading their infrastructure. You may have just invested in a system upgrade only to find something better has just been released.

What can you do? Obviously, it’s not economical to simply keep upgrading your systems every time an improvement is made. You have to ensure you get your money out of the tech you have. But keeping that old technology in play could actually be harming your business.

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The Rationale for Old Tech

Think about your smartphone. You maybe don’t have the latest iPhone model; plenty of people don’t. When you upgrade, you might take the step down, rather than the newest entry. Apple keeps introducing new models on an almost annual basis, so trying to keep up can feel like an exercise in futility.

Furthermore, you might wonder why you need the newest model. After all, many of the features of the new model are just tweaks—minor improvements. But over three or four models, those “tweaks” add up.

How Old Tech Hurts

Just like your smartphone, new contact center technology might seem to be just a couple of tweaks better than the system you’re already using, allowing you to simply hang on for another couple of generations. But by the time you decide to upgrade, what you’re using will be obsolete or will have changed so much that you’ll essentially be starting over again, with everything from the system installation to training your reps.

Worse is when there’s a new innovation, and you decide to simply hold off on implementing it. You might think it’s just a fad, or you might want to wait a couple of generations for the “bugs” to be worked out—and then you simply never upgrade or fall seriously behind your competition.

The waiting game may seem wise, but in many cases, it’s simply a tactic to delay expensive investments in infrastructure. You continue to use old, outdated technology and deliver subpar service to your customers as a result, all while your competition speeds ahead.

What Can You Do?

Obviously, the biggest reason firms play the wait-and-see game with new contact center technology is that they don’t want to, or simply don’t have the funds to, invest in the upgrade. That’s understandable.

What can you do to ensure you’re offering your customers the best service possible by employing the latest technology? Find a strategic outsourcing partner that can give you access to the latest contact center technology for a fraction of the cost. A contact center provider will work on making sure the systems are up to date, and you can be sure you’ll deliver great customer service.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

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Kenny Johnston

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