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Topics: Outsourcing

These days, customer experience is ever important. In fact, most people say that customer experience is more important to them than the products or services a company sells. Customers won’t hesitate to leave companies or switch brands if they receive a poor customer experience, and that includes customer support. 

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That is why your business needs to consider outsourcing customer support. Why? Outsourcing can actually improve the customer experience—here’s how.

Around-the-Clock Care

The world is increasingly connected and people are progressively more mobile. Your customers might not be at home when they need help, or you may sell your products and services in many different places. There is almost nothing more frustrating for a customer than knowing that they can’t get ahold of customer service right when they need them. 

Outsourcing allows you to quickly and easily expand your customer support into around-the-clock service. That means your customers can contact you anytime, from anywhere in the world, and still get great support.

The Latest Technologies

You may be aware that you are using old or outdated technology in your customer contact center, but you do not have the resources to spend on upgrading the infrastructure. Or perhaps you are still using a call center alone, rather than the expanded offerings of a customer contact center. 

If that is the case, then outsourcing customer support is an excellent idea for your business. You gain access to the latest technologies, at a fraction of the cost, since your provider will spread the costs of these technologies across several clients.That means you can be sure you’re using the latest, greatest technology to provide the best possible customer experience for your customers.

Highly Trained Call Managers

Your provider already has a professional staff of customer support representatives. These reps are highly trained, and your provider will ensure that they all receive the same training in order to support your customers properly. The reps will be trained in several scenarios so that they can become call managers. Call managers work quickly toward resolutions for your customers. Since they are experts on several aspects of providing care in line with your brand, they will not need to transfer the call to another expert.

Having highly skilled call managers can help customer issues reach resolution more quickly and easily, which means your customers spend less time on the phone and more time enjoying the product or service they purchased.

Flexible and Scalable Service

Do you experience highs and lows in the volume of customer contact you receive? Retail, for example, is infamous for having a very busy period in December and then dropping off again toward the end of January. If you experience swings in customer contact, you should consider outsourcing customer support.

Your provider can scale your service on an as-needed basis to be sure that customer wait times do not exceed a certain length. The provider can also ensure that customers are given excellent and personalized care. Providers may also use technologies, such as virtual hold, that you may not be able to afford on your own.

Multiple Services

Outsourcing customer support does not just mean allowing a provider to answer customer complaints. Your provider likely offers many services that you can take advantage of, including outbound services such as sales and customer acquisition. Want to get more feedback from your customers? Have your provider engage in a telephone survey or a webform survey.

Are your customers self-sufficient? Offer them a searchable online knowledge base that they can refer to before they call with a question. You may not have the in-house resources to offer all of these services, which is why outsourcing customer support can help you offer an enhanced, all-encompassing, customer experience.

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David Rae

David Rae

David started with Bill Gosling Outsourcing in 1983. As CEO, he sets the future direction of the organization, develops services that help with clients’ pain, while ensuring that the strategic direction is aligned to the shareholders’ requirements. During his tenure, the company has expanded internationally, opening offices in the United States and the Philippines. Also known as Razor, David is a drummer extraordinaire and his favorite bands include Blue Rodeo, Lighthouse, Supertramp, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Guess Who.

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