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Topics: Call Centers

Technology is both astounding and overwhelming. Advances enable businesses to do things more efficiently, and sometimes, to do things people never even thought possible. But trying to keep up with technology can also be a constant fight; it often seems like some new piece of tech has just hit the market, only to be replaced by another revolutionary device a few months later.

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Contact center technology is no different. Advances allow your firm to deliver ever-better customer service, but keeping up with those improvements is taxing. Nonetheless, it’s important to ensure you’re using the right technology—it can actually improve your customer service efforts.

The Wrong Technology

In understanding why the right technology is so important, it’s sometimes easier to start with why the wrong technology is so harmful for a business. The “wrong” technology often isn’t wrong per se; it’s more usual for the technology employed in a call center simply to be outdated.

Outdated technology hurts a business because it impairs customer service efforts. You cannot offer a competitive experience if you’re using technology from yesteryear while your competitors are using the latest and greatest tools.

Sometimes, a firm does employ the wrong technology. Perhaps it is sold on how great a new app is going to be or how much this new program will do for the firm. Always do thorough research before adopting a new technology.

The Right Tech

Now you understand why the wrong technology is so harmful for a contact center. But how exactly does the right contact center technology help?

The right technology will allow your firm to deliver better customer service. Technology performs many roles, from answering your phones to delivering webchat with your reps, to allowing customers to seek out their own answers via your website. But contact center technology also goes further.

Getting Better Data

Perhaps the most important contact center technologies in use today are cloud computing and data mining. Cloud computing allows everything your contact center does to be tracked in real time and stored in one central location, even when your reps work at different locations around the world.

You can collect and record a lot of different information about your customers through your contact center. Their locations and ages can tell you who is buying your product, and additional information can give you insights into their hobbies and interests, their questions and concerns, and even their level of comfort with technology.

You can use all of this information to make better decisions about the services you offer and how to improve your customer service experience. For example, if you know your product is purchased mostly by Millennials, you may decide to invest more in web-based contact center services, designed to cater to their preferences.

Better Decision Making

With better data in hand, you can make more informed decisions about where to improve your customer service and how. Real-time tracking allows you to make those decisions quickly and easily. You can decide to staff more reps today as volumes increase, and you can make longer-term decisions about staffing, hiring, training, and services.

With better data in hand, making those decisions takes hours, not weeks.

Improved Customer Experiences

The right contact center technology allows you to cater to your customers, creating a better service experience for them. Whether it’s sending them the right promotional emails or employing virtual queuing so they don’t need to wait on hold with your customer service for what feels like hours, technology can help you improve your customer service efforts in so many ways.

If you’re not sure you’re using the right technology for your business, talk to a third-party provider. They can help you devise a plan to provide better customer service—and to get the contact center technology that’s right for you.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Mike Nolet

Mike Nolet

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