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Topics: Customer Care

A great customer experience is more important than ever before: Around 70 percent of consumers indicate they would switch companies if they received poor service from an organization.

But more than customer service, an experience encompasses every interaction with your brand, from visiting your website, to shopping in store, to making a purchase and following up on a product with your customer service team.

How do you make sure your customers are getting the best experience possible? Easy: You create a customer experience strategy.

Why a Strategy?

You may think it’s strange to start with a strategy. After all, it should be simply “provide a great experience,” right? Like all things in business, however, it’s easier if you have a strategy.

The strategy provides the road map for how to get from “we want to provide great experiences” to “we do provide great experiences.” There is actually a big gulf between Point A and Point B—and many companies do get lost on the way to providing great customer experiences. An effective customer service strategy can ensure you actually deliver what you want to deliver.

Take Your Measurements Twice

The first step to delivering a good experience is to figure out what you’re already providing. To do that, you need to employ some metrics. Metrics allow you to measure various aspects of your customer service, such as, for example, how often you resolve customer complaints.

Metrics can show you, in concrete terms, what you’re doing well and where you can improve. Once you have that information in hand, you can determine the strengths you want to build on and the weaknesses you want to turn into strengths.

Determine Your Goals

What kind of experience do you want to deliver to your customers? That will determine your path toward delivering a great experience every time someone interacts with your brand.

Do you want to resolve customer complaints quickly and easily? A firm that does will have a different strategy than an organization that wants to provide an immersive, tailor-made experience each time a customer visits the company’s website.

Select Your Services

Once you know what you’re doing well, and what you want to achieve, you can begin to select the services you want to offer. As mentioned, a company that wants to improve its resolution rate will employ different tactics than an organization that focuses on immersive experiences.

Once you have decided what you want to offer your customers, you can begin selecting the services you want to use to support that. Is a 24/7 contact center important to your customers? That might be one key piece of your customer experience strategy. A strong brand identity might be another—so that customer service reps know exactly what is expected of them when they interact with customers.

Partner Up

How do you plan to offer all those services to your customers? One of the best ways to do it is to partner with a firm that has the know-how and the experience to deliver key components of your customer experience strategy.

The right partner will be able to help you both plan and implement your strategy, while maintaining flexibility and scalability in your services. That means you can work toward delivering the best customer experience possible, all while keeping your overhead manageable.

Consult with Others

Of course, big decisions related to how you deliver customer service and experiences shouldn’t be left to a small number of people. Get feedback from everyone—including your employees and your customers—about what you’re doing well and where you need to improve. Chances are there will be some great ideas and some great insights that can make planning your customer experience strategy even easier. Better yet? Consult with the experts and be sure you are steering your company in the right direction.

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David Rae

David Rae

David started with Bill Gosling Outsourcing in 1983. As CEO, he sets the future direction of the organization, develops services that help with clients’ pain, while ensuring that the strategic direction is aligned to the shareholders’ requirements. During his tenure, the company has expanded internationally, opening offices in the United States and the Philippines. Also known as Razor, David is a drummer extraordinaire and his favorite bands include Blue Rodeo, Lighthouse, Supertramp, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Guess Who.

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