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You have worked hard to develop your business and become an expert for your customers and your team. Best practices are the guidelines, ethics or ideas that make up the most effective course of action. Because you are the expert in your business, your best practices have been refined over time and these refined practices can help another business to succeed.

Why should you Share Knowledge and Best Practices?

It might seem counterproductive to provide your competitors with the secrets to your success, and it is important to keep your unique selling points confidential from your competition. However, helping other organizations improve will also improve your own business and skillsets.

1. Sharing of best practices and knowledge can help improve your own efficiency. Everyone brings a different set of skills and talents, sharing your knowledge and talents can help you leverage someone else to improve your own challenge areas.

At Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BGO), sharing information and best practices with our partners has not only benefited BGO’s overall success, using the knowledge and practices that our partners share with us, we are able to provide even better practices to other partners. This sharing of knowledge happens in regular business reviews and meetings as well as through our Blogs and Articles. These are posted regularly on our website and are available through our Social Media – including our LinkedIn and Twitter.


2. Mentorship encourages the next generation of business. Helping someone else to grow and improve their business will help the whole of your industry thrive. Top athletes want to play against players that are better than them, having top tier athletes challenge each other elevates the sport as a whole to the next level.

Many of BGO’s Business Leaders and Subject Mater Experts are members of professional groups and associations which allow them to network with other professionals and build relationships. New group members can learn from BGO’s expertise and BGO’s team members can use that expertise to help newcomers to succeed. Some of the associations that BGO is connected to include Customer Service Professionals Network (CSPN), ACA International, Credit Services Association (CSA), and Canadian Society of Collection Agencies (CSCA).

3. Teaching something helps you retain information. Learning by teaching is extremely effective, it forces you to slow down and retrieve your knowledge in order to share it with someone else as well as encourages you to assess how these practices were developed so that you can translate that into creating new Best Practices.


BGO works with our Human Resource Management Software partner vendor Workday to share best practices with other users. BGO’s team was recognized as Global Leaders of Workday Adoption, and along with a variety other thought leaders participated in a recent conference in Toronto. The Central/Eastern Region Workday User Group (CERWUG) conference covered a variety of topics, with BGO primarily focusing on success in Reporting and Analytics, Recruitment and Learning integrations. This conference included more than 100 participants and speakers from a variety of industries.

Business owners are looking for the best and most effective ways to provide their goods or services to their customers. Sharing your best practices will help you and your competitors to be better which translates into better service for the consumer. It is a win-win situation for all involved.

If you want to work with a partner who will help improve your business, click the link below and see how Bill Gosling Outsourcing shares knowledge and best practices with their Clients.

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Joe Fanutti

Joe Fanutti

Joe joined the Bill Gosling family in 2009, bringing over 15 years of prior senior financial management experience from a variety of sectors. He offers our organization extensive financial knowledge, combined with business planning expertise and operational business process acumen.

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