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Previously we discussed some of the innovative ways that you can use to communicate with your customers. Other technical services are available to help your company be more efficient and effective. Improving your back-end services allows you to offer better services to your customers and your Clients.

Digital Portal

A web portal is a uniquely designed website that often serves as the single point of access for information. Your digital web portal is completely customizable to provide all needed services. One Client, a global logistics company, approached Bill Gosling Outsourcing based on an ongoing relationship. They were looking for an upgrade to their customer-facing portal as well as their internal portal. Their portal is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing customers to track their package, process payments, request refunds, and request SMS or email notifications for their package status. The internal program will enable vendors to easily update information such as payments or deliveries made to avoid duplicating efforts.


Data Services

Having accurate information for your customers saves valuable time and resources. Outsourcing Companies offer a variety of scrub services to provide you with the most accurate snapshot of your customers and improve contact rates. Some options include:


Available for phone numbers, addresses, occupants and right party confirmations, appends updates a list of your files. This connection cross-references the information and provides you with additional resources you can use to contact your customers. Address washes confirm that the information in your database is complete and supplements address with information where available.

Returned Mail

We can also provide a socio-economic snapshot from just a customer’s name, address and/or phone number, we are able to provide you with a number of details, such as: income, age, home ownership status, family status, education, and job type. This information can help you make tactical decisions when determining your Customer communication strategy.  This information can also be tagged to any of our other Scrub & Append services.

Mobile Number Validation

An Outsourcing Provider can send an electronic signal to each telephone number you provide to us, depending on the phone types the system can create a list of Valid/Invalid numbers. The numbers that are valid are able to be placed on an automated dialer and the invalid ones are forwarded for a phone number append.


A Wireless wash identifies if a phone number is a residential or mobile phone number. A residential number can be run against other scrub appends to update an address and a wireless number opens the opportunity for SMS functionality.


New state-of-the-art technology can be leveraged by your business to provide a better customer experience, increase efficiency and improve contact. Reach out to Bill Gosling Outsourcing today to strategize how we can help you better utilize our expertise.

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Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer

Chris has 25 years of global business development experience making him an ideal client advocate; helping to shape the customer acquisition strategy, and drive enhanced value to Bill Gosling prospects and customers. He is a sought-after conference speaker in the area of customer experience and is a well-recognized leader for helping to pioneer both the introduction of technology innovation, localization and global strategies to his customers. Chris has held a number of senior positions over his career; AT&T (Channel Sales Leader), Blue Ocean (President), SITEL (VP, Business Development) and more recently as a Senior Management consultant to several iconic brands prior to joining Bill Gosling.

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