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Topics: Customer Care

Most people balk at the idea that outsourced customer care can help businesses provide better customer experiences. After all, outsourcing has a pretty bad reputation, both among the general population and in business circles. 

But it’s true that outsourcing can help you ensure that you’re delivering the best customer care possible. While that may seem counterintuitive, once you have read about how outsourcing helps, you will probably agree that it is a great move for a business to make.

Around the Clock Care

Few businesses can provide 24/7 service to their customers, although most of them would like to try. For starters, unless you are a very large company, keeping that many people onstaff, even as part-time employees, will create a lot of overhead. The second challenge is often finding people who are willing to work odd shifts. 

Outsourcing your call or contact center allows you to tap into the resources of an experienced provider. These providers already have the staff to provide 24/7 support, and since they have multiple clients, you pay only a fraction of the cost to get around-the-clock care for your customers.

Scaled Service

Do you have seasonal highs and lows, or even points in the day when your call volume becomes more than you can handle? A business in retail, for example, likely experiences a high number of customer contacts in December and January, as customers purchase products, attempt to use them, and potentially return them. 

Your call volume may drop off after January, which means you’re constantly scaling up and scaling down. In-house hiring is a challenge, and a shifting workforce can cause problems for your customer service as reps come and go. 

A third-party provider can help you weather these seasonal shifts with more ease. With multiple clients on the roster, the providers already need a large staff, and they take care of the swings in staffing levels. They are also responsible for training, which means they work to ensure all of the representatives interacting with your customers are trained to the exact same standard to provide exceptional customer service. When you get busy, your provider can easily shift more highly trained staff to you, which means your customers continue receiving great customer care with relatively short wait times.

More Than Just Customer Complaints

Many people think of call centers as passive services, where representatives are only busy when customers call in, typically for the purpose of placing a complaint. Customers call for many reasons. Sometimes they have a complaint, but they might also have a question or want to purchase a different service. Sometimes they need technical support. An outsourced provider can offer all of these services.

A provider can also offer outbound services, wherein representatives follow up with your existing customers and potential new ones, too. They can conduct customer satisfaction surveys or they can follow up with customers who asked a question or visited your website. This can allow you to have more frequent contact with your customers and create deeper connections with them.

Brand-Consistent Interactions

Your provider should work with you to ensure that every interaction helps build your brand. That means they’ll work to ensure their representatives are aware of what your company provides—not just in products or services, but also in terms of the core values of your business.

They will work to ensure that your customers have positive experiences with your brand each and every time they interact with your company. That, in turn, fosters customer satisfaction. That makes customers more likely to purchase from you again, give you good reviews, and recommend your business to friends and family.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston

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