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Last week we talked about some of the issues with using an attrition rate as a metric for employee engagement and success. We also looked at the first root cause of a high turnover, hiring the wrong person. Today we look at the next root cause: falling short in your training process. Many new employees quit because they feel overwhelmed or unprepared to do the job. Remember, you are investing in the employee you have chosen. Put the effort in to making sure that your employees are ready to do the job.

Root Cause 2: Not Training Your People Properly

Everyone learns and retains information in different ways. Companies have to alter their training for however the person will remember the information. The traditional classroom environment - led by an expert at the front of the class - is not as stimulating or memorable as once thought. Invest in a training approach that provides non-traditional teaching techniques. Integrate participation and technology to make learning more innovative and interactive. Companies must use a variety of methods to train their teams. Training can include traditional classroom, virtual training, computer-based training (CBT), or some combination of the three.

One way to identify and create training programs is to follow the VARK method. VARK breaks people down into four learning styles – Visual, Aural, Reading, and Kinesthetic.

Aural Learners

These employees recall information best when they are able to listen to the content. They enjoy the traditional classroom style training. Aural learners also enjoy things like voice-over videos and podcast-like training. They need enough time to listen and absorb the information.

Teaching Aural Learners - Classrom

Visual Learners

Employees who are visual learners remember their training best through graphics and video. Provide these employees with infographics and handouts with graphs and charts to help them. Use a comic strip instead of listening to information so they can retain the information better.

Kinesthetic Learners

These learners can recall information best through the use of their senses. They like to experience things hands-on. These employees learn well from role-playing exercises. An exercise where two people act out a transaction or conversation to practice the process. When teaching a kinesthetic person how to do something, give them the materials needed and instruction on how to complete the task.

Reading Learners

These individuals learn from the reading and processing of text-based materials. They learn best when provided documentation that outlines the process. These learners like to process the information or lesson from a book or through PowerPoint presentations.

Teaching Reading Learners

Experts agree that people are a mix of more than one learning style. It is important that you provide your employees with training that is a mix of the styles. CBTs are a great investment, they can include sections with video, audio, text and activities or exercises. This allows you to address many learning styles at the same time.

You want your new employees to feel confident and excited for their job. This translates into a more engaged and efficient team. Failing to invest in deeper training will result in confused and incompetent employees.

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