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Topics: cx, customer experience, b2b, neqqo

A recent interview with one of the CXOs gave more insight into the multilingual, cross-channel problems companies currently have and how they can use analytics to provide customers with a seamless experience.


Customers today interact with brands through various channels (mobile applications, social media, websites, chatbots, email, call centers, etc.) and want an improbable customer experience.


Furthermore, 72% of internet users state that disconnected expertise would make them switch brands or service providers.  


However, marketers require help compiling and analyzing all these channels' data to improve their goods and services. The tribulation rises significantly when you converge the multilingual layer with the already-existing cross-channel. By implementing a full suite of data and voice analytics, NEQQO has aided leading firms, spanning technology, BFSI, e-commerce, health, and more, to solve the multilingual, cross-channel dilemma.


NEQQO gives decision-makers a unified view and enables them to make better decisions to delight customers consistently and hope to reach consumers worldwide. Implementing the proper technological tools and customer experience solutions to analyze the language and tone of the customer's query will assist the customer service representatives in overcoming this challenge.


By recording and analyzing each customer interaction, regardless of channel, interaction analytics (which includes speech analytics) aid in improving the cross-channel customer experience (phone, email, chat, social media, or surveys).


Also, 88% of marketing and research professionals have replied in a survey that their top priority is to obtain deep insights into their customers.


NEQQO comprises Speech Analytics that aims to accurately interpret what customers and agents say (contextual meaning) and how they say it (acoustic measures). It's worth mentioning here that according to a report, a solid emotional connection with a supplier accounted for 56% of the customer's final purchase decision.


An organization can get a comprehensive picture of customer behavior, even for channel-hoppers, with an interaction analytics platform that supports chat, email, survey, and text-based communications.


  1. Why must businesses implement NEQQO in the current digital-first era?


Even in cases where it is impossible to physically combine the channels of communication, NEQQO proposes a mechanism to "democratize data" across the digital landscape of enterprises.


According to the most recent study conducted by PWC, the percentage of companies investing in Omnichannel experience has surged from 20% in 2012 to over 80%.

As a result, a company may utilize the knowledge gained from each contact to generate effective engagement initiatives and spur commercial development.


NEQQO can offer sophisticated conversational analytics to automatically recognize, classify, and arrange the words and phrases used in calls into themes, assisting in discovering emerging patterns and potential growth areas.


Another impeccable facet of NEQQO is its Quality Monitoring Platform.


According to research, 86% of customers are ready to pay an additional for an enhanced customer experience. Thus, monitoring the quality of the services you are providing is imperative.

NEQQO's combination of machine and human intelligence delivers an improved experience for everyone. Businesses may track, assess, and enhance client interactions with the help of NEQQO's comprehensive quality management system. The platform's real-time calls, chats, and email monitoring allows management to see problems and give agents on-the-spot coaching. For agents to deliver high-quality customer service experience and adhere to best practices, they must have access to this functionality.


  1. How can creating a single perspective of the customer journey aid in historical contextual analysis?


Organizations can better understand and interact with customers by having a single perspective of who they are and what they want. Similarly, a survey by Salesforce found that 67% of marketing leaders stated that building a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is vital for a successful marketing strategy.


An essential first step in creating a successful customer retention and engagement formula is comprehending the mentality, motivation, and behaviors underpinning how your customers wish to connect with your business.


The business can increase customer happiness, retention, and earnings from its clientele. One of the key pillars in an organization's path to improve the customer experience is visualization/dashboarding or providing a single perspective of the customer journey. It aids businesses in: -


  • Giving a comprehensive, all-encompassing view of the client experience.


  • Aids in identifying the underlying causes of inadequate service.


  • Aids in locating touchpoints that need a lot of customer effort.


  • Highlights their clients' interactions are crucial to a lasting connection.


  • Improves strategic investment and decision-making.


  • Identifies a roadmap with a priority list for improving the customer experience.


  • Businesses can comprehend the customer journey across several touchpoints, the customer's priorities, and previous interactions and then provide the customer with contextual responses that will satisfy them.


As a result, the customer is pleased, and there are fewer repeat calls, which improves customer satisfaction (CSAT). The historical background is preserved in this way. Because of this, customer happiness and loyalty are more substantial when they have confidence in the company's ability to record contextual history. However, 82% of customers have stated that resolving their issues promptly is the prime factor leading to a great CX.


To proactively address problems and seize opportunities that improve the customer experience and support business goals, NEQQO automatically analyzes trends, themes, emotions, sentiment, and the root causes driving customer interactions, including voice calls and unstructured text such as chat.




With NEQQO, businesses in various sectors, including banking and finance, telecom, retail and e-commerce, and contact centers, may better understand their customers' demands and take appropriate action.


NEQQO is essential to this approach because it will assist the firm in comprehending the causes of digital deflection since there is a significant movement toward large enterprises and contact centers, driving digital transformation and CX.


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