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Topics: Call Centers

You're probably familiar with metrics and why they're important for your customer service. The idea of scoring yourself on how well you're delivering service isn't a new idea. 

You may have already been using call scoring for your agents, in order to measure their performance on customer service calls. It's a fairly standard practice in the call center industry, and plenty of companies use it.

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What Is It?

The idea is a fairly simple one. An agent's calls are measured against a uniform standard in order to determine their quality. An agent who scores well is delivering good customer service during his or her calls, while an agent who scores poorly isn't performing quite as effectively. 

As mentioned, many companies engage call scoring. There's a reason the practice exists, and it's incredibly valuable for your firm.

Measuring Performance

Call scoring is all about measuring performance for agents. Since it uses a standard, it gives you an objective measure of how well your agents are performing on any given call or even as an overall average. 

This is invaluable insight, since it lets you know who may need some more training to deliver better customer service. It might also tell you where your agents are struggling; perhaps they don't understand how to handle certain kinds of issues, or company policy about particular kinds of calls might not be clear. 

If you use this measure, you can see not only individual agent performance on individual calls, but patterns through time and across all agents. Not only can you help your agents improve, you can discover where you need to improve as well.

Improving Quality Management

This measure can also identify general patterns in call service. Those patterns could suggest problems not necessarily with individual agents but with quality management. Perhaps company policy isn't clear or maybe a procedure needs to change.

As a result, not only should the quality of your customer service improve, but so should your ability to manage the quality of service you deliver.

Learning Opportunities

Perhaps the most valuable thing call scoring provides is the opportunity to build a culture of learning and progression within the business. With it, you can better manage quality and you can provide agents with better, more enriched feedback.

It also allows you to structure training and learning for all agents, in addition to helping those agents who may need remediation. In this environment, everyone is learning and growing.

Outsourced Services?

If you've outsourced some or all of your customer service, such as your call center, you might not have control over whether or not your provider uses call scoring. It's easy to see you should always request it of any third-party provider you choose to work with, however.

A provider who uses this measure is going to train its agents well and inspire learning to help you deliver ever-better customer service to your customers.

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Jason Henning

Jason Henning

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