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How often is your company paid? Do you really know the answer? Sure, this is an easy question if you only accept cash, but what happens if you sell on credit? How do you keep track of the amount you’re owed, and how do you recover it? 

These questions rarely offer easy answers, but they’re the whole reason behind accounts receivable management. You probably deal with debt recovery, but you may lack a clear, well-defined strategy in this area. As a result, you may lose track of the amount your clients owe or fail to recover that outstanding money. 

This can create significant problems if you run a business with limited resources. You may think that your bottom line guarantees that your company is healthy, but you’d be wrong. Often, a business can’t recover debt quickly enough to pay its own bills. As a result, a company that may seem perfectly robust can default on its obligations with little warning. 

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Unfortunately, this could impact any enterprise that doesn’t have strict accounts receivable policies. Read on to learn how you can avoid some of the dire consequences of this problem.

Why Companies Need This Service

Debt recovery strategies can be tricky. As a businessperson, you already have to run a tight ship. Many companies don’t have the resources to let money slip through their fingers, but they also can’t spend their days chasing down outstanding debts. This puts many organizations in a bind that’s difficult to escape.

Why Accounts Receivable Can Be Uncomfortable

Claiming a debt can be awkward. Customers can build a relationship with a company over the course of many years, but small misfortunes can leave clients unable to pay outstanding bills. This creates difficult situations for debtors and creditors alike. 

It’s easy to see why you might have apprehensions about recovering outstanding debts. On the one hand, you need clients to pay their fees if you want to stay in business. But you also don’t want to damagelong relationships over minor issues. The problem is that these small problems can grow over time if clients continue to withhold the amount they owe you. 

The complications don’t end there. When clients can’t pay back their debt, you’re usually aware of the surrounding circumstances.You don’t want to bother someone who is already in a difficult situation, but you still need to recover the money they owe. This can make you feel guilty for merely asking for what you’re owed, but if you avoid the issue, you put your business at risk. It’s a no-win situation.

What You Can Do to Make It Better

Thankfully, outsourcing your debt recovery management can help you recoup the money you’re owed without wasting resources or incurring guilt. Third party accounts receivable professionals take multiple approaches so you can pick and choose the practices that work best for your specific needs. They also work to preserve your brand’s reputation so you won’t have to worry about poor customer reactions. 

If fully outsourcing your accounts receivable department seems excessive, you can take advantage of first-party services that let you retain control over your practices. In these instances, qualified experts help you create a strategy that will suit your unique needs.

Outsourcing these tasks can have a range of benefits. External agencies maintain well-trained employees who are qualified to recover outstanding debt. They also employ unique methods to find missing clients, allowing you to recover money you may have thought was lost. These are just a few of the ways an outside firm can help with your accounts receivable needs.




David Rae

David Rae

David started with Bill Gosling Outsourcing in 1983. As CEO, he sets the future direction of the organization, develops services that help with clients’ pain, while ensuring that the strategic direction is aligned to the shareholders’ requirements. During his tenure, the company has expanded internationally, opening offices in the United States and the Philippines. Also known as Razor, David is a drummer extraordinaire and his favorite bands include Blue Rodeo, Lighthouse, Supertramp, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Guess Who.

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