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Topics: Call Centers

You can’t afford to maintain poor customer service. It doesn’t matter what industry you serve, what products you offer, or how low you keep your prices. If you don’t look out for your shoppers’ best interests, they’ll turn on you in the blink of an eye. 

Most companies recognize this to some degree. That’s why they work hard to make consumers feel valued before they make a purchase. It’s only after the sale that businesses drop the ball. They often fail to provide adequate support for their clients, which frustrates these consumers if they encounter a problem. Buyers demand some form of accountability, and you can give it to them if you invest in the right call center solutions. 

But not all support services are created equal. Every company has different priorities, and the wrong communications technology can work against those values. You need to choose the right solutions for your specific needs, so read on to learn more about common call center technologies on the market today.

Do You Face High Call Volumes? Virtual Hold Might Be Right for You

Your customers don’t like to be ignored. They feel neglected when they have to spend multiple hours on hold. Unfortunately, your call center may receive a high volume at a given time, which may make wait times unavoidable. 

Unavoidable, that is, unless you have virtual hold. This new technology ensures that your shoppers won’t have to play the waiting game anymore. Instead, it logs callers’ numbers until a service representative is available to call them back. Your clients won’t have to sacrifice their time to receive the attention they deserve, which will ultimately make them happier.

Do Your Customers Find Standard Business Hours Inconvenient? Offer 24/7 Support

Very few people have time to call customer support during standard business hours. Whether they’re at work or on the go, your clients have a lot on their plates. Restricting your call center’s operating hours will only inconvenience them.

That’s why 24/7 solutions are becoming more popular. When you let shoppers decide when they want to contact you, they’ll be more likely to be satisfy with the service you offer.

Remember that this process is about fulfilling their needs, so don’t force them to call according to your schedule.

Do Your Customers Use a Variety of Technologies? Use Multi-Channel Solutions

Telephone calls aren’t always the most convenient communication method for your audience. For example, young people tend to use online tools to contact others instead of ringing someone up. You shouldn’t force someone to interact on your terms, so you need call center solutions that suit their needs. 

You should consider using multi-channel technology if you cater to a diverse array of customers. It allows your clients to contact you using a variety of methods, including text, video chat, instant messaging, and more. These tools will allow you to help buyers in a way that they prefer, which will ultimately make the process easier.

Are Your Customers Self-Sufficient? Consider Supplementing with an Online Support Center

Call center solutions help people find answers to difficult questions. They can guide uninformed users through complex procedures and offer more personalized service than text-based service options.

Still, users don’t always need to complete a complex exercise to find a solution. Sometimes, they just need a simple answer from a website to point them in the right direction. That’s why you should consider using an online support center alongside you customer service line. It gives your patrons more engagement options, which ultimately makes them feel more valued.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

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Jason Henning

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