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Topics: Outsourcing

There are a lot of call center outsourcing companies out there, and many of them promise great things. You may have thought deciding to outsource your call center was the hard part, but now you must choose your provider from a sea of many!

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How do you go about making sure you team up with the right provider for your company? If you consider the following, you’ll be sure to make a great choice.


The first thing anyone considers when outsourcing is the cost. In fact, cost is the number-one reason companies decide to outsource any function, including their call center services. For most firms, partnering with the right provider saves them money.

But the best call center provider for your firm isn’t always the one with the lowest price. While pricing is a factor you absolutely must consider in your decision, you need to think about the overall value: Are you getting your dollars’ worth?


The next thing you’ll want to consider when you compare call center outsourcing companies are the services they offer. Some companies specialize in inbound services, while others are outbound specialists. You probably want to partner with a provider that can deliver both.

You may have a good idea of which services you want, but be sure to review the provider’s entire menu. As your firm grows, you may decide to add new services, and you want to know your provider can scale with you. A company offering a large selection of services is in a better position to help you as you grow.

Location, Location, Location

You might not think much about it, but you should consider where each call center provider is located. Few companies have call centers locations spread across the globe. If you’re hoping to implement 24/7 service offering or adopt a follow-the-sun strategy for your call center, a provider with multiple locations in different geographic regions is your best bet.

Their Track Record

There are many, many call center outsourcing companies. Some of them are great, while others are less than ideal partners. That’s why you’ll want to look at the candidates’ track records. Ask to see case studies: Who have they helped? What have they learned from difficult or challenging cases they’ve worked on?

A company with experience in your field or working with companies of your size can typically offer better services. These companies will have the experience and know-how to address the challenges you’re facing.


Another common reason to outsource is to gain access to technology. Upgrading your existing infrastructure isn’t cheap, and many smaller organizations simply can’t afford to put so much of their budgets toward it. Instead, they team up with a provider that’s already using the technology they want to employ.

If the call center outsourcing companies you’re considering are using outdated technology or aren’t on top of the latest trends, you might reconsider your choice. Opting for a provider that uses the most up-to-date call center technology will enable you to deliver better customer service.


How does the call center outsourcing company you’re considering train its staff? Does it provide extensive training and hire experienced call center representatives? What kinds of techniques are taught to those who will answer your customers’ questions?

Customer service isn’t a static field, so new methods of delivering better service are constantly being devised. Seek out a partner that trains its reps extensively and keeps them up to date with the latest methods.


Chris Spencer

Chris Spencer

Chris has 25 years of global business development experience making him an ideal client advocate; helping to shape the customer acquisition strategy, and drive enhanced value to Bill Gosling prospects and customers. He is a sought-after conference speaker in the area of customer experience and is a well-recognized leader for helping to pioneer both the introduction of technology innovation, localization and global strategies to his customers. Chris has held a number of senior positions over his career; AT&T (Channel Sales Leader), Blue Ocean (President), SITEL (VP, Business Development) and more recently as a Senior Management consultant to several iconic brands prior to joining Bill Gosling.

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