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Workers have to consider a lot when they receive job offers. Many consider their salary and benefit prospects before they sign on with a new company, while others contemplate how the position would help further their careers. Unfortunately, comparatively, few people think about whether an organization’s workplace culture can accommodate them. 

This is a big mistake. Office culture plays a big role in how employees perceive a business. When they feel obligated to go to a drab, unengaging workplace, their quality of life tends to suffer.

Full-time employees in the U.S. spend nearly 2,500 hours per year at work on average. Do you really want to spend almost 105 days a year working in an unappealing office? 

Thankfully, many companies have started to prioritize workplace culture. Large organizations like Google have made concerted efforts to help their employees feel happy and comfortable at the office. Incentives like coffee bars and fully stocked kitchens, employee bonding exercises, and inventive design elements have all helped workers become more efficient. 

Your office space should help you achieve your full potential. With that in mind, here are four reasons why job seekers should make workplace culture a serious factor in their employment decisions.

Hard Skills Can Only Take You So Far

Hard skills are essential in many organizations. Job seekers won’t get invited for an interview unless they have the right qualifications. These workers will also demonstrate their abilities every day, so they represent an important part of their workplace life. 

But hard skills mean nothing if an employee can’t work in a team environment, or fails to communicate effectively. If a worker wants to succeed in a new office, his or her soft skills need to align with those of the company. These abilities are what separates an unhappywage slave from a devoted team player who fits in well.

They Reflect a Company’s Values

Most people need to take pride in their work. These professionals feel motivated and confident when they know that they’re making a difference or contributing to a valuable cause.

Unfortunately, many job seekers don’t understand an organization’s true principles until they’ve already accepted a position, and this can trap them in an undesirable situation.

Office culture is an extension of a company’s values, so applicants need to get a sense of a company’s culture before they agree to work there. An organization that doesn’t invest in its employees may take the same attitude towards it projects or its customers. Evaluating a company’s culture can help a job seeker find the right fit and avoid potentially disastrous employers.

The Right Culture Will Make You More Effective

Little things make a big difference when it comes to productivity. Proper equipment, lighting, and atmosphere can affect an employee’s work. As a result, businesses that prioritize office culture tend to benefit from greater productivity. 

Applicants should ask for a tour of an office if they get far enough in an interview process. If the workspace looks unappealing or workers appear to be uncomfortable, it might be a sign that the organization does not prioritize culture.

You Will Feel Happier

Employees aren’t entirely responsible for job satisfaction. Companies lose money when they need to find and train new workers, so they need to foster good morale.

A stimulating office culture is a key part of this process. Workers perform better when they feel better, so executives need to create a positive environment if they want to ensure success. Good culture doesn’t fix every problem in a workplace, but it’s easier to solve these conflicts and achieve goals when employees want to be there.

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Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston

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