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Topics: Outsourcing

You’ve probably heard of the cloud; it’s almost something of a buzzword or trend in most business circles. It’s more than just another fad among business leaders, however. The cloud has real applications in most businesses—including outsourcing companies.

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So why would an outsourcing company move to the cloud? The answer is surprisingly simple.

What Is the Cloud?

First things first: What is the cloud? Cloud computing essentially moves from the older method of having multiple servers or workstations. In this system, most of your information, files, and programs are stored locally—on your hard drive at your desktop.

The cloud moves everything online, linking all the programs together. There’s still a central server ensuring everything stays online and accessible, but all those files and programs are now collected in one central location. You can login from anywhere, from any device, and have access to everything you need in an instant.

What’s the Advantage?

Cloud computing is powerful. It allows people to access all of their information instantly, from anywhere, on any device. Simply gun up the app, login, and start performing tasks you’d normally do at your desk, even while you’re on the go. It creates a single, streamlined platform people can use quickly and easily.

Cloud computing also gives better insights into a business. Real-time tracking can show shifts and trends more easily, allowing outsourcing companies to better monitor the situation and adjust accordingly. In short, it improves flexibility in an organization, and allows it to evolve alongside changes in the market.

How Do You Benefit?

You might wonder how you, as the client, can benefit from outsourcing companies shifting to the cloud. It seems there’s plenty of advantages for the outsourcing company—but how do those advantages translate into benefits for you?

It’s easy: With better knowledge of data and trends, outsourcing companies can plan ahead and be proactive. They can make better decisions about how they allocate their resources—including their staff. A decision to hire more customer service representatives for a call center, for example, can now be made based on information about trends, not just how busy you are today or this week.

Rationalizing Growth

Another advantage of the cloud is it provides insights about how and when outsourcing companies should grow. Managing growth, as you likely know, is no easy feat—and your outsourcing providers feel the pinch too.

When outsourcing partners can rationalize their growth, scaling operations and making more strategic decisions about locations and staffing, you’ll see the effects reflected on your bill. More effective growth strategies mean growth without additional costs—so you won’t see a bill keep climbing and climbing and climbing.

Saving Money on Infrastructure

Another reason the cloud is great for both outsourcing companies and for your firm? It minimizes costly upgrades that prevent you and your providers from using the latest technologies or versions of an app. Cloud apps can be updated almost instantly, with zero downtime and little need for retraining. Using the latest tech just got easier!

A Coherent Strategy

The cloud also allows people to streamline processes and procedures, which means everything from hiring to training to uploading a document is easy and efficient. When processes become more streamlined, people can do their work in less time—freeing them up to focus on other tasks, such as strategic initiatives.

The result is a more coherent approach to business, driven by better data and more informed decisions—decisions that can now be made even sooner, rather than later. If you want to be sure you’re partnering with the right provider for your company, be sure to look for outsourcing companies that have switched to the cloud.


Mike Nolet

Mike Nolet

Mike is the senior vice president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s North American operations. He has been leading the operations teams since 2011, bringing over 20 years of previous experience to the team. Mike is a core contributor towards the company’s corporate strategic planning. Since joining Bill Gosling Outsourcing, he has been a driving force behind growth, process improvement, and implementing positive change within the organization. Mike is also a wine aficionado.

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