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The current challenges facing the global economy and society at large during this global pandemic, will increase the challenges for new graduates entering the job market. Competition for skilled positions will be fierce and companies will be struggling to spend on hiring. 

In the face of these obstacles, past graduates have sought positions in fields that don’t necessarily align with their degree paths. Many choose cafes and supermarkets, but call centers have benefited most of all. The influx of skilled labor is promising for the industry, so long as it can retain these workers. 

Thankfully, working in a call center offers many opportunities to recent graduates. Those looking for a stable, well-paying job will be able to achieve their goals, while professionals who want to work in other industries will benefit from their experience at these facilities. Enterprising young workers have a lot to gain from call center employment, so here are just a few examples.

Call Centers Represent a Growing Industry

As the global pandemic continues to provide challenges to the economy, it can feel as though growing industries are a thing of the past. This can make it difficult for new graduates to plan for their future. After all, how can you buy a house or consider investment strategies if you aren’t certain that your job will exist in five years? 

Fortunately, some industries have resisted contraction and continued to offer opportunities to workers. Call centers are one of them. As companies realized that offshoring resulted in less personable service, they began to bring jobs back to North American shores. This doesn’t just indicate a promising level of growth, but a continued commitment to domestic job creation.

You’ll Develop Transferable Skills

Almost every job posting features one common line: “Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.” Professionals need to be able to convey their ideas in speech, emails, phone calls and more. Other qualifications may vary based on the industry, but the need for clear communication is always a common trait. 

Call facilities offer a range of skills that apply to nearly any other job. Workers can learn valuable traits that will help them in any job search, from timeliness and efficiency to those crucial communication practices. It can also introduce many professionals to the responsibilities of a customer-facing role, which they can then use to work with clients at a later job.

There’s Greater Opportunity for Advancement

Older generations found entry-level positions with greater ease than millennials, but they also faced less competition when they tried to climb the corporate ladder. More people pursue university and college education to gain an edge in the job market, but this just means more people are jockeying for the same spots. If recent graduates truly want to stand out, they need to start at the bottom and work their way up.

Call centers represent ideal entry points. They often work with large corporate partners that may align with a graduate’s degree path. Skilled workers will also distinguish themselves from colleagues, leading to greater rewards and advancement.

Centres Offer Competitive Wages

New graduates often can’t live off the stipends and low pay that internships offer. Why should young workers have to suffer when they’re providing companies with productive, dedicated labor? Call facilities can help them hone similar skills, but they offer fairer wages. This can help graduates save for the things that matter most or gain a degree of material comfort that wouldn’t be available to them if they were making little or no money.

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Natasha Leitch

Natasha Leitch

Natasha has been with Bill Gosling Outsourcing since 2002, starting as a Team Leader and progressing to Vice President, Talent Acquisitions and Engagement. More recently, Natasha took on the role of Vice President, Operations to lead First Party Outsourcing and Customer Care in our Newmarket office. Natasha’s role is to identify and manage the execution of operational strategies to ensure that they deliver operational efficiencies for her Clients. She works with her team provide coaching, mentoring and support to direct reports, enabling engagement, skills development and achievement of performance objectives.

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