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To outsource or not to outsource… That is the question that faces many businesses today. In a competitive marketplace, organizations must always look for any advantages they can get—and outsourcing often offers them many. 

The decision to outsource call center services is no different. There are plenty of arguments against sending call centers out of house, but there are just as many—if not more—advantages to outsourcing that firms might even realize. Here are a few reasons your company should outsource call center services.

Get a Multi-Center Strategy

If your business is a smaller firm, you may have just one single location. Larger outsource call center companies may have the size and scalability you need because they offermultiple offices. 

It can be challenging to provide around-the-clock care to your customers. If you’re in the Eastern Time zone, but many of your customers live on the west coast, they may not be able to reach you as easily. What if your base of operations is the US, but your clientele is located all across the globe? 

When you outsource call center services, you can access a multi-center strategy. That effectively allows you to take advantage of your provider’s many centers—which are located in different places and different time zones. That allows you to easily provide your customers with 24/7 care.

Get Some Flexibility

Have you ever walked into a store and noticed the line-up at the cash register was incredibly long? When you get to the front, one of the cashiers explains that someone called in sick, so they are “short” a person. In other cases, you may walk into the store and notice several cashiers milling about, doing nothing—there are too many of them on staff. 

That can happen in a call center, because call volumes can be difficult (if not impossible) to predict. You may quickly find yourself inadequately staffed, no matter how careful you’ve been in your resource planning. But a move to outsource your call center services can help you resolve this scheduling issue. 

Since your provider has many different centers and many different clients, they can offer you a degree of flexibility that would be difficult to achieve on your own. Someone calls in sick? Not a problem! Your services can be assigned to another center or split between centers if the call volume rises. Similarly, if your call volume drops off, your provider can shift staff away from your services. This means you get exactly what you need, when you need it.You also only pay for the services used.


Investing in a call center is a big proposition for most firms—even the large ones. Not only do you need to hire and staff the center, you also need to invest in the technology to run it. And because technology is always improving, it can be difficult to keep up. That’s why many in-house call centers are still using old technologies and outdated techniques: It simply costs too much to upgrade. Many are also understaffed due to high overhead costs.

Outsourced call center services are often more cost-effective, which is another huge benefit. Since your provider can offer you more flexibility in staffing, it allows you to pay for what you need; there’s no need to keep extra or redundant staff on hand. There’s less worry about being understaffed. And you can also access the latest technology for a fraction of the cost. Since your provider offers services for many clients, they can take the high costs of operating an effective call center and spread them out across clients—meaning you get better service for less money.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

Kenny Johnston

Kenny Johnston

Kenny brings over 20 years of industry experience to his role as president of Bill Gosling Outsourcing. He began his career in the United Kingdom in 1993, and has progressed his way through the ranks to his current role. Kenny is responsible for operational budgets, developing client relationships, and working to create the long-term vision, business philosophy, and company culture that Bill Gosling Outsourcing aspires to.

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