Contact Center Dashboard


Our dashboard services help you to convert your company’s outbound process data into interactive dashboards available on every device on a real-time basis, providing you with flexibility and mobility to make data-driven decisions.

Call Centre or Customer Interaction Metrics

  • Call Completion Rate
  • Agent Utilization
  • Agent Seizure Ratio
  • First Call Resolution Rate
  • Call Handling Time
  • Call Drop Rate
  • First Contact Resolution Rate

Survey Responses or Voice of Customer Metrics

  • Overall Satisfaction Rate – Highest (Rating Scale 8-10) and Lowest (Rating Scale 1-4)
  • Total Associate Satisfaction – Highest (Rating Scale 8-10) and Lowest (Rating Scale 1-4)
  • Improved Perception Rate
  • Net Promoter Score

Process/Product Lifecycle & Key Metrics

Outbound Sales Dashboard

Lead Conversion Rate

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