Contact Center Technology

How do you want to reach your customers?

Call centers can’t rely solely on phone calls anymore—they must become fully featured, cross-channel contact centers to survive.

Let us help you develop the perfect contact center solution, deployed with ease, and scalable as you grow your business.

Whether you’re looking for a fully-managed communications solution or a communications platform managed by your own team with the support of ours, you can rely on our 60-year history as a contact center to better engage your customers.

The Right Communication Tactics

We live in a world dominated by communications and content. Break through the clutter by using the right communication tactics for your specific target market.

Perhaps you require a softphone application paired with strategic email communications. Or, maybe you’d like a vanity website for data capture, combined with live chat and automated SMS services. Once we understand more about you and your customers, we can help you create a holistic communications strategy that meets your goals.

Some of the Industries We Serve

Technology evolves every single day, and your customers’ needs change along with it. Let’s keep pace with them, together.


One of Canada’s “big three” telecom companies employed our Voicemail-Drop Technology. We sent a voicemail to every customer, without their phone ringing once, informing them of enhancements to (you guessed it) their voicemail services.


Many of our financial clients rely on multi-platform solutions. We integrate services such as web chat, IVR reminder calls, SMS deployments, and post-interaction IVR satisfaction surveys.


The healthcare industry is taking full advantage of our technologies to reach patients. Clients are able to send reminders of just about anything, from upcoming appointments, to ensuring medication is taken at specific times.

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