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Leading North American Technology Player Improved CSAT and Saved Costs by Reducing AHT of Service Calls (12)

The IQS Metric: A Measure of Customer Service Quality in Utility Companies 

The utility industry has always played a critical role in providing essential services to communities and individuals, ranging from electricity to water, gas, and waste management. The companies operating in this market have long since embraced digital transformation, especially for customer service tools and procedures, to streamline and speed up their activities. In this ongoing change, quality metric, IQS has played a crucial role, especially in streamlining business responses, including call deflection, and in the automatic era of invoices and contracts. 

In the whitepaper, we outline the following: 

  • Background of IQS Metric in Utility Customer Service
  • Efficient Ways to Improve Utility Customer Support
  • Role of IQS in Utility CX
  • Advantages, Targets, and Goals in Utility Customer Service
  • Future Aspects

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the significance of IQS metric in the utility sector. 




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