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Leading North American Technology Player Improved CSAT and Saved Costs by Reducing AHT of Service Calls (8)

Unlock the secrets to optimizing success in B2B collections with our whitepaper, "Measuring Success in B2B Collections: The 'Dollars Collected' Perspective." 

Delve into the critical role of 'Dollars Collected' as the key metric in assessing B2B collection performance. Explore the global B2B payment sector, valued at a staggering USD 240 trillion, and the USD 32.47 billion debt collection services industry. Discover how 'Dollars Collected' influences cash flow, strategic decision-making, and alignment with business goals. 

 Uncover the rising involvement of third-party agencies, illustrated by Allied International Credit Corp., and their collaborative role in enhancing 'Dollars Collected.' Get insights, facts, and expert perspectives to elevate your B2B collection game.



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