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Leading North American Technology Player Improved CSAT and Saved Costs by Reducing AHT of Service Calls (9)

This whitepaper delves into optimizing auto loan processing in the fintech industry by thoroughly examining Average Handling Time (AHT) metrics. With the global fintech industry estimated at USD 204.30 billion in 2023 and the automotive finance industry at USD 259.84 billion in 2022, focusing on AHT becomes pivotal for fintech companies aiming for operational excellence.

AHT, measuring the time from task initiation to completion, is explored in auto loan processing stages like application submission, verification, approval, and disbursal. Efficient AHT management is emphasized for speed and customer satisfaction, risk management, compliance, and adaptability to market dynamics.

 This whitepaper also focuses on the factors influencing AHT in the fintech industry and provides a list of strategies to improve the overall AHT, in a race where every second counts, AHT emerges as a compass guiding fintech companies toward innovation, excellence, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.



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