Are you asking about “Attrition”?

If so, we beg you to stop right away!

At least until you know how to ask the question properly!

Those who ask do so because they have been conditioned to think “The Attrition Question” is a signpost on the way to finding the golden goose of outsourcing partners. It has been a question asked for decades, and unfortunately will likely be asked for decades more.

But you can break the trend for your organization.

“But my team insists we ask about attrition!”

Consider how dangerous it is when you don’t know the formula a company uses to calculate attrition – can you trust the information you receive?

This is just one potential concern you should have when a company brags about its attrition rates. But you can change the way your organization looks for insights around staffing.

Here are 10 better questions you can be asking today to get better information to make more informed decisions!

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