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Steve Copeland, VP of Sales - Bill Gosling Outsourcing, has been formally designated as a member of the Board of Directors lineup at SOCAP.




With 25+ years of customer and employee engagement experience, Steve Copeland at Bill Gosling Outsourcing excels at customer-focused solutions across the entire customer life cycle and overall strategic execution.  He prioritizes trust, forging strong partnerships that drive success.

Steve's hands-on approach understands companies' unique needs, designing customized solutions aligned with strategic goals.  By fostering collaboration and open communication, he ensures everyone feels valued throughout the engagement process.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Steve's track record of delivering world-class execution surpasses expectations, fostering long-term partnerships built on trust and mutual success.

As a Director in SOCAP, Steve will serve a 3-year term with an option to extend his assignment or be considered for an officer role. He will attend in-person board meetings, strategic planning sessions, and virtual meetings all focused on continued membership growth for SOCAP and the overall improvement in the customer experience for all SOCAP member industries.


About SOCAP:


Founded in 1973, the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business, aka SOCAP International, represents a dynamic, collaborative community of best-in-class customer care experts across multiple industries. CX professionals at every level from the world’s most recognized Fortune 1000 corporations and the contact center solution providers who serve them come together in our unique community to collaborate, share and learn from each other. SOCAP is the longest standing, member-driven CX association and is committed to advancing customer experience at all levels of business.


Serving on the Board of Directors:

Board members gain valuable leadership experience and play a very active role by leading committees to advance projects and meet SOCAP’s short and long-term goals.

As a member led, non-profit organization, SOCAP’s strategic direction is guided by its board of directors. The SOCAP board is comprised of loyal and experienced CX executives, who drive the advancement of our community through thought leadership and an unparalleled commitment to the professional development of tomorrow’s customer care experts.



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