Management Team

Our team is made up of almost 2,100 individuals, across five countries. The management group that guides that team is comprised of incredible diversity. We passionately work for our partners to build the right solution for each specific challenge.

From agents to executives, we are so incredibly proud of our people. Every single person within our organization has proven his or her aptitude to do the job they do, from graduating from our training program, to completion of in-depth client-specific training.

David Rae

Chief Executive Officer

David Gallagher

Executive Vice-President

Tom McCausland

Head of Risk/IT, Partner & Consultant

Kenny Johnston


Joe Fanutti

Chief Financial Officer

Phil Newfeld

Senior Vice-President, Strategic Operations

Martin Roseweir

Managing Director and Senior Vice-President, Operations U.K.

Jason Henning

Senior Vice-President, Operations, Nearshore & Offshore

Chris Spencer

Senior Vice-President, Enterprise Growth

Donna Moore

Vice-President, Operations

Natasha Leitch

Vice-President, Operations

David Clements

Vice-President, Operations

Gaye Quintana

Vice-President, Operations

Joel MacCharles

Vice-President, Learning and Innovation

Lisa Murphy

Vice-President, Operation Excellence

Janine Burch

Vice-President, Human Resources Global

Steven Hearton

Operations Manager

James Robertson

Director, Business Development

Justin Hurdle

Director, Workforce Management & Planning

Janice Neshevich

Director, Global HR Strategy

Joelle Zarifi

Director, Compliance & Projects Global

Melissa Hurley

Director, Facilitation

Ammar Yousaf

Director of IT

Sajjad Ahmad

IT Network and Security Lead

Matthew Rodrigues

Data Analyst

Luke Martins

Director, Operations

Chris Feld

Director, Operations, North America

David Bennett

Operations Manager

Louis Philippe Pelletier

Director, Operations

Ben Hubbard

Program Lead

Victoria Austero

Program Lead

Peter Anderson

Program Lead

Chay Sicat

Program Lead

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