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From Humble Beginnings...

Our company was founded in 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, by John Rae. Originally operating as Allied International Credit (AIC), and focusing solely on accounts receivable management, the company quickly established roots in the U.K., and branched into the customer service realm.

After decades of growth, the company changed hands but stayed in the family, when David Rae (John’s son), along with an investment team, purchased AIC from John.

The family mentality has certainly stayed with the company, reflecting in the growth the organization has experienced since the very beginning…

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Bill Gosling Outsourcing develops customer communication solutions for every part of the customer lifecycle, from start to end.


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Growing your business can feel overwhelming. You have a destination in mind, but how do you get there?

Partner with Bill Gosling and together we’ll develop a custom outsourcing solution for your specific customer service challenges.

We work closely with you to fully understand your brand and your business needs. By taking the lead on your customer care efforts, we’ll ensure your business scales with ease.

Bill Gosling Outsourcing will take your business where it needs to be.

Our Exceptional Team

In 60-plus years of business, our people have been the driving force of our company. We strive for excellence in how we operate, how we work with our partners, and how we interact with one another as an organization. We are most proud of our united people and our culture.

Our Management Team

You may be wondering where "Bill Gosling Outsourcing" lands on the scene...

Some time ago, we realized that the “Allied” name didn’t say much about who we were. After explaining, fifty-or-so times that we weren’t, and never had been, a logistics company or insurance firm, we knew the time for change had come.

After consulting experts and conducting independent research, we realized that our competition all looked alike. While we are sure they are all fine folks, we have no desire to be them. So we started looking at what made us different, and here is what we realized what makes us great:

Our people, and our culture

Over the last 60 years, our people have been the driving force of our company.

We proudly display our culture statement, The Gosling Theory (formerly The Allied Way.) on the walls of every office. It is a daily reminder of where we’ve been, and where we’d like to go. We’ve based these ideas on three core ideas from the brilliant book, Gung Ho! (Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles):

The Spirit of the Squirrel

The Way of the Beaver

The Gift of the Goose

Stay with us here...

Now, considering our people are the wings that let us fly (you’ll appreciate that metaphor in a moment), we thought it made sense to base our name on “The Gift of the Goose,” and the goose itself.


The beak of a goose



A young goose

Bill Gosling is a fictitious name, but when you walk in to our office, he comes alive. Bill Gosling ensures our standards. Bill Gosling unites our team. Bill Gosling is what makes us great.

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ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management


Ensures a high standard of quality, with an emphasis on meeting client expectations and maximizing client satisfaction.

Certified Branches: Newmarket (ON), Richmond (VA), Glasgow (UK), Montreal (PQ), Philippines (McKinley)

ISO 27001:2013 - Information Security


Ensures a high standard of security, including the management of financial information, intellectual property, and third-party information.

Certified Branches: Newmarket (ON), Richmond (VA), Glasgow (UK), Montreal (PQ), Philippines (McKinley)

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

PCI Security Standards Council

Ensures security standards for organizations that handle credit card information, with the mandate of reducing credit card fraud.

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