What Is NEQQO?

NEQQO synergizes deep human expertise, with state-of-the-art speech technology and an advanced reporting and analytics platform. This ensures that your business gains valuable insights into the critical components of service delivery.

NEQQO enables you to analyze the Key Performance Indicators related to call center and agent performance, have 100% of calls transcribed, and gain insightful and actionable business information regarding customer experience, agent performance, operational productivity, and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Deep dive on Omnichannel interactions
  • Identify Root causes of customer frustration
  • Improve sales Conversion/ Collections
  • Easily track and improve FCR, AHT and Compliance
  • Increase QA coverage through automation and efficient monitoring

What We Offer

Leverage Speech Analytics on 100% of contact center interactions to determine top opportunity areas

Analyze Agent Trends over time to assess emerging issues for quicker action and control

Improve Compliance through timely audits and alerts

Deep Dive Analytics on prioritized interactions, to identify issue root cause

Custom Reports and Dashboards for regular business insights and trends

Inbuilt Quality Program to drive CX and business improvement

Why NEQQO​ ?

Improve Customer Experience

  • Utilize collective voice of customer
  • Root causes of customer frustration
  • Sentiment detection
  • Deep dive on omnichannel interactions

Enhance Value Proposition

  • Call driver analysis
  • Root causes of customer frustration
  • Drive change management
  • Performance(new offers)

Performance and Risk Managment

  • Increased QA coverage through automation and efficient monitoring
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory compliance

Metrics and KPI Improvement

  • Improve handle time, first contact resolution and sales
  • Conversion/Collections
  • Increase customer relation

Transform Customer Interactions
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