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Topics: Customer Care

Even the most powerful companies can fall without an effective customer service strategy, this has become more obvious then ever. Many people believe customer service is more important than the actual services a business provides.  

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In fact, 86% of consumers admit they would actually pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience. Given that statistic, it's essential that you’re constantly working to improve the way you and your staff interact with employees. Improving your relationship with your customers will undoubtedly boost your overall business and result in higher revenue. Here is a helpful guide to improving your company’s customer service

1. Talk to Your Customers as Much as Possible

Ask your customers how their experience was when they are leaving your establishment. Hopefully, they will tell you the customer experience was great and you can both move on with your day. If they aren't so enthused about promoting your customer service, however, you should be blunt and ask them what happened. If you are genuinely showing interest in whether or not your customers are enjoying themselves, they will likely help you figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

2. Take a Look at Similar Companies That Have Great Customer Service Programs

No one company owns the rights to be nice to customers; everyone just does it differently. If you take a look at your competitors, the ones who are doing well probably have exceptional customer service. The businesses that are struggling, whether their products or services are up to par or not, likely treat their customers poorly. Find out what strategies might work better for you and your team.

3. Consult with Customer Service Outsourcing Companies

By working with a customer service outsourcing company, you'll get excellent assistance from outsource professionals. Running a successful business is no easy task, no matter the size of your company or market. Reaching out to a third-party outsourcing company for customer service assistance can help put your company in good standing financially and personally.

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David Clements

David Clements

David brings 21 years of BPO experience to Bill Gosling Outsourcing, including 14 years of offshore leadership experience in the Philippines and Costa Rica. David has led operations in Care, Collections and Enterprise Technical Support. His role is to lead and develop our Costa Rica Operations team and to partner with our Clients to deliver seamless execution.

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