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Topics: Customer Care

Your call center is often the first and only contact some of your customers have with your company. You’ve been told—over and over—about the importance of the customer experience today. Most customers will leave a company over poor service, so the pressure is on to deliver an exceptional experience.

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The call center must become your focus for delivering that experience. When customers might interact with you only through that channel, it could make or break you. Give the call center experience the priority it deserves with these six methods.

1. Budget for It

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do when you want to prioritize the call center experience is to budget properly. Operating expenses are no laughing matter for most businesses, and sometimes, when you’re looking to trim fat out of a budget, customer service gets slashed.

There are ways to save money but still deliver exceptional customer service through your call center. Resist the urge to simply scale back the budget and skimp on service.

2. Get Highly Trained Representatives

Whether you’ve outsourced or are still operating some in-house call center services, you need highly trained and experienced customer service representatives. Reps who are poorly trained aren’t going to deliver the kind of customer service you want to provide.

Invest in your customer service reps. If they’re in-house employees, be sure to provide them with the training and tools they need. If you’re outsourcing, ask potential providers about their training programs and hiring processes.

3. Update Technology

Outdated technology can harm your call center experience; that’s a fact. Yet some firms continue to use obsolete technology, the kind of stuff that seems to have been hanging around since the stone ages.

If you want to prioritize the customer experience, stop hanging on to the technology you’ve used for five or ten years. Instead, invest in some upgrades to your system. If you don’t have the capacity to do it yourself, join forces with a third-party provider that already uses the most up-to-date technology.

4. Make a Plan

Most businesses owners understand the value of a strategic plan in driving their companies forward. But what about a strategic plan for your customer service? Creating a plan for delivering customer service—including the call center portion of it—can help you foreground the call center experience.

The plan can include guiding principles designed to help your employees and partner providers deliver superior customer service when they interact with your customers. It can lay out a blueprint for how customer service should be delivered in a variety of scenarios, and it can outline the things you want to improve.

Giving your employees and partner providers this kind of guidance will make the delivery of your customer service not only higher priority, but easier too.

5. Remember the Whole Picture

It’s often easy to forget just how many services are wrapped up in the call center. A customer chatting with a rep through your website is still in touch with your call center, and a rep who calls a customer to inquire about their latest in-store interaction is also engaged in a call center experience.

One way to keep the call center experience at the forefront is to remember just how many services the call center actually delivers!

6. Measure and Listen

If you want to make the call center experience a priority, gather some data about it. Analyze the service you deliver, and ask customers for their feedback. Getting this kind of information allows you to see just what you’re doing well and what you need to change—which allows you to focus your customer experience strategy.

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Jason Henning

Jason Henning

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