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Topics: Call Centers

Some people have declared customer service the last competitive frontier in business—the last area where a company can truly stand out from the rest of the pack. The numbers back it up: About 80 percent of customers will leave a company over poor customer service. There has been so much rapid change over the past few months, and the reactionary measure that many companies had to take may have effected the customer experience. As the world begins to reopen it is time to look at improving your customer service experience. 

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You’ve got good incentive to provide the best possible customer service you can. But your customer service metrics aren’t showing the results you want, and you’re at a crossroads: You need to improve, but how? If you haven’t considered call center outsourcing companies as a potential solution, you need to do so now.

Any Time, Day or Night

Depending on your business, your customers could be located anywhere in the world. If you’re looking at expanding into new markets, you might wonder how to connect with customers who are asleep while you’re awake. And even if your customers are closer to home, many of them probably prefer to call in the evening or on the weekend.

None of that is a problem for call center outsourcing companies. They employ strategies to deliver excellent care to your customers, any time of the day or night. A follow-the-sun strategy will place your customer service reps in multiple centers scattered through different time zones. Reps will always be on call when your customers need them.

Better Tech

Fact: Technology can be pricey. In fact, the price of technology is probably the number-one reason firms don’t invest in it, especially if the tech is relatively new or unproven. You might decide to wait a bit, or maybe you’ve decided what you have is working just fine.

Old, outdated technology can actually harm your business, however, and one of the reasons is poorer customer service. Technology improves the service you deliver to your customers, whether it’s by offering up new ways for your customers to get in touch or simply introducing a virtual queue so they don’t have to hang around on the line.

Call center outsourcing companies have both the incentive and the funds to stay on top of the latest technology. You can shift the high costs of upgrading your current systems out of your budget, making the latest technology even more affordable.

Expert Staff

Anyone who runs an in-house call center can tell you staffing is a never-ending battle. High turnover plagues many call centers, and the end result is a constant cycle of hiring and training that never seems to stop. And, as you’re already aware, hiring isn’t exactly a cheap prospect; this constant turnover is costing you money.

It’s also costing your customer service. When you lose a rep, you’re losing a highly trained staff member. And if you have high turnover, there’s a good chance many of your staff members are disengaged and unmotivated—meaning they won’t deliver top-notch customer service.

Call center outsourcing companies provide you with instant access to a team of highly motivated and expertly trained call managers who will assist your customers. Their expertise will help your customers resolve their problems sooner—and give your customer service metrics a boost.

More Services

If you have an in-house call center, it’s probably been focused on inbound calls—where the customer calls you, rather than the other way around. But you’re likely aware call centers can and do offer more extensive services. What you’re less sure of is how you can get access to those services.

Call center outsourcing companies are the key, both to those additional services and to better customer service. By providing additional services, you’ll be engaging your customers more deeply and more frequently. The result can only be better customer service.

How Call Center Technology Is Evolving

David Rae

David Rae

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