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Topics: Outsourcing

Deciding to outsource your call center services isn’t a small decision for most businesses. After all, customer service is the lifeblood of your organization: Without it, your customers will probably switch to other companies. 

Most businesses are understandably leery when it comes to outsourcing their call centers. Since it’s such an important decision, you must ask yourself if outsourcing call center services is really right for your business. And it may very well be the right solution! 

Be sure to consider the following as you contemplate your next move.

You’re Short Staffed

A call center is a resource-intensive undertaking for most businesses. First, you must invest in the technology, and then you must hire people and train them to staff the center. Call centers also often have notoriously high turnover rates, which means you could end up devoting a lot of time and resources to hiring and training. Turnover can cost a business quite a lot, so avoiding it is usually in a firm’s best interests. 

If your firm’s smaller, however, you might find you simply don’t have the resources. Hiring and training puts a strain on your employees, and those talented staff members already on your payroll are needed for other crucial tasks. If this situation describes your business, outsourcing call center services may be right for you.

You Need New Technology

Another huge advantage of outsourcing call center services is that you can access new, evolving technologies for a fraction of the cost. Your provider invests in the latest technology in order to offer the best customer service possible—which benefits both your firm and your customers. 

Of course, you could invest in the technology yourself. The problem is price: Newer technologies are often costly to adopt, and paying your own way could make a serious dent in your budget. Smaller firms might realize they can’t afford the technology they need, even though they know they’re offering subpar service to their customers with older technology. Outsourcing call center services can resolve that issue, as your firm gets the best of both worlds.

Your Customers Want Different Services

How do you deliver your customer service? Do you use only the tried-and-true call center, where customers pick up the phone and contact you to talk to one of your customer service reps? That may be well and fine for some of your customer base, but not everyone wants to make a phone call.

If calling is the only option you offer your customers, some of them simply might not contact you! Instead, you should be thinking about offering your customers a mix of contact methods. Email, webchat, phone, texting, and even social media are all methods that customers could opt for when they decide to get in touch with your company.

Outsourcing call center services could help you offer your customers even more choice when they opt to get in touch with you.

It Will Save You Money

This is the number-one reason companies decide outsourcing call center services is right for the firm, but it’s an important point to consider. As mentioned, offering call center services is a big undertaking; most firms find it incredibly resourceintensive. Between investing in technology and staff, a call center can become a huge expense line on any firm’s budget. For smaller firms, that could be bad news. It might mean you can’t offer the services you want to offer—or the services your customers are demanding.

Outsourcing call center services can help. Your provider can work with you to ensure your firm offers the services you need to and those your customers demand, all for a price that satisfies your budget.

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David Rae

David Rae

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