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Topics: Outsourcing, "Sales"

Sales outsourcing plays a significant role in managing active areas of business processes. Marketers hire services based on their industry needs. Third-party agencies look into sales and marketing for cost efficiency, increase productivity, and produce high deliverables. Check out this infographic to learn more about sales outsourcing and trending statistics.

The facts below represent the current sales outsourcing market. It states the latest trends globally and makes future predictions. The graphical presentation of data assists businesses in making informed decisions and adapting adequate outsourcing services in 2024.

Sales outsourcing covers business operations, including human resources, IT, finance, administration, sales, and marketing. It contributes widely to the seamless functioning of the business system. Third-party services share 15 percent of the sales and marketing areas. There is a vast demand for sales outsourcing among businesses for its accessibility, ease of usability, and low cost.

For a constructive client-brand relationship, Bill Gosling Outsourcing (BGO) provides sales outsourcing services to reach goals and customer needs.

  • Sales and Lead Generation is a tailored solution to identify targeted customers to pitch.
  • Verification Services ensure the customer gives businesses the correct information to build customized strategies for the brand.
  • Business Security is a factor that requires undivided attention, and fraud protection services confirm the complete safety of clients and customers.
  • Warranty Extensions guarantee customers valuable services and safeguard client interests.

Almost 79 percent of respondents in a business organization realize that they can scale up production by boosting sales outsourcing. The services overcome the challenges in the production system to achieve sales success. The first step is to identify the problem, address it, and involve aspects of expected growth.

  • Customer satisfaction is the measurement that determines how happy users are with the company's performance. Around 12% of customers have higher win rates when customer journey data aligns with sales processes. It is one of the many factors that lead to sales growth.
  • Specialization leaves the sales process to experts and gets better results.
  • Profitability enables businesses to generate leads and boost revenue from sales.
  • Flexibility with sales outsourcing services brings better utilization of resources for growth. The team can focus on market research, lead generation, and routine sales tasks.
  • Cost efficiency in sales outsourcing ensures businesses cut costs as there is no need to train the in-house sales team. It saves money, time, and effort.


Several industries including Fintech, eCommerce, Banking, Insurance and more has grown manifold with sales outsourcing services in recent years. Different business sectors invest in such services for successful growth. The rise in market value indicates increasing sales outsourcing growth in the future.

  • B2B Sales Outsourcing Statistics: 80% of small businesses tended to outsource services in 2021.
  • US Outsourced Sales Services Market value is 6.95% of CAGR from 2023 to 2030.
  • 4,001.84 million USD market in 2021
  • 6,955.83 million USD market in 2030
  • The global outsourced sales services market for 2018–2028 is 3659.1 million USD.
  • North America Sales and Marketing business outsourcing market CAGR rises to 8.9% in 2023–2030.

 Here are a few end-to-end sales outsourcing solutions:

  • Offline/Online Campaign
  • Targeting
  • MCM Development
  • Fab Analysis
  • Lead Generation
  • Pre-Sales Meeting
  • Sales Meeting
  • Revenue Growth





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