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Topics: Employment, Attrition, Employee Engagement, Communication

You have chosen the right candidate and have trained them well, congratulations! Now it’s time to dig into the structure of your company and identify if an issue with feedback and communication is a root cause for your high attrition rates.

Root Cause 3: Lack of Feedback and Communication

Feedback is essential to motivating and encouraging your team and as the saying goes, “Praise in Public but correct in private”. Your feedback to your employee should be constructive and one-on-one. Use the feedback process to educate and to help your employees set goals. Focusing on areas of opportunity instead of focusing on what went wrong will help your team feel more secure with your leadership, trust you more, and be more engaged with the strategic objectives of your company.

One-on-One Feedback

Support the growth of your employees. In the past, an employee would remain with a single employer for their entire career. However, statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that the average tenure for someone aged 18 to 35 is 13 months. Only 22% of employees have been with their company for five years or more. You have put a lot of time, effort and money into finding and training the right employees, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to encourage their loyalty? Companies should encourage their employees to grow. Encouraging growth and building opportunities for your employees is an investment in your succession plan.

Offer tuition reimbursement for schooling that will help them to grow in the company. Have a policy of promoting from within the organization. These polices help your employees to feel like they have space to grow and they will be less likely to be unhappy within their position. Encourage goal setting, not the 5-10 year plans popular in days past. 5 years is a long time away for most people and it can be hard to keep yourself, or your employees motivated. Set goals at 2 and 4 year intervals and then help your employee break those goals down into yearly, quarterly and monthly goals. Help them see how their goals fit with the overall strategic goals of the company. Seeing the impact of their goals on the company will keep them excited about the larger goals your company has.

Communicating ideas and goals

Communication is the lifeblood of any company – contact centers especially must have clear and defined channels of communication. Clear communication helps your employees feel invested in the company and engaged in the business. You want to make sure you have a structure where your employees feel heard and that they are vital to the success of the company.

You have clear objectives and strategic plans for your company – make sure you are sharing those with your employees. You don’t need an in-depth look at every goal and plan you have in place, but provide them with a high-level overview and explanation of how their efforts will help you reach those goals. Set up regular meetings that celebrates successes from the past period and addresses impending challenges. Technology has made communication within an organization much easier, make use of  all available channels. Provide the presentation through a video or live-cast to all of your employees at once.

Your leaders and managers should be having regular standing meetings or huddles with their teams. The objective of these meetings, like the football conversations they are named after, is to keep everyone informed on the game plan and the progress of any goals. These should not be long separate meetings as you don’t want to take your employees away from their work. Contact centers keep these to no longer then 15-minutes each. The goal is to briefly update your team. Be the example, when you bring your team together for a debriefing, do so in 15 minutes and make sure you address the most important issues first, as this is often when people are paying the most attention.

Huddle Meetings

Clear and direct feedback and communication will encourage your employees to be more engaged with the company. They will be invested in your success and will want to see the success come to fruition.

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