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You know that your employees are your most valuable asset, you spend an average of 40-80% of your operational budget on labour costs – that is a significant investment in your people. Recent studies indicate that each disengaged employee costs their company approximately $20,000 annually.

How do I Identify Disengaged Employees

Some indicators of a disengaged employee are obvious: incessant complaints, frequent excuses, difficulty working in a team, dishonest behaviour, lack of enthusiasm, and no initiative. However, there are a few other less obvious indicators that you should be on the lookout for. Employees who don’t refer their network to come and work with you, employees with negative customer reviews, and ones who don’t seize opportunities to improve themselves, could be disengaged.

Engaged Vs. Disengaged

How Do Disengaged Employees Cost Me Money

If my employees are in their seats and completing their work, how does that affect my bottom line?

Costly Attrition

You already understand that turnover in your staffing costs you money. Engaged employees are happy to continue working with you, willing to improve themselves to your Company’s benefit. Employees, especially ones with specialized skills or knowledge, are costly to replace. It is not just hiring expenses or replacement that costs, it’s also the opportunity cost for lost productivity. Based on the lost productivity that occurs with natural attrition, you don’t want to add to it with a disengaged team.

Inefficient Work and Unproductivity

How would you feel if you were working job you weren’t interested in? You would do the bare minimum, just enough to keep off your boss’s radar. This translates into how well an uninterested and unproductive employee will do the work, always looking for ways to pass work off onto your engaged and productive employees. Disengaged employees do not think outside the box, they are stuck in their way of doing things and take the path of least resistance. Disengaged employees do not care about the Company’s success. An employee that is an engaged and enthusiastic team member is going to take more pride in their work and your brand.

If your employee is customer-facing, this further impacts your bottom line. Think about the businesses you choose to work with: given the option between two near-identical products or services, which do you choose? The product from an employee that appears to care about their job and the products the company provides, and one who seems like they are clocked out or counting the hours until they get to leave?

Positive Workplace Culture

Hurting Your Workplace Culture

The energy and engagement of your organization is dependent upon your employees. An illness or virus can spread rapidly through the air in your office. An actively disengaged employee is just as toxic to the organization’s culture as cold season can be to your attendance.  Actively disengaged employees aren’t just “checked out” they are actively sowing the seeds of discontent and dissatisfaction amongst your other employees. Do you have that one person who never has a positive thing to say, no matter the time of day? That energy vampire is bringing down the overall energy and culture of the company.

What Can I do to Re-Engage My Employees?

“Okay, I am suitably warned and afraid of a disengaged employee, do I need to fire these employees?” Not always, it is possible to turn an actively disengaged employee to a supportive and engaged team member. Review your company values, raise salaries, empower your people, invest into engagement initiatives, and provide positive recognition of individuals and the team as a whole. It might not work for every disengaged employee, but each employee you successfully re-engage saves you money. If you understand what motivates your team members, you can turn some employees from disengaged to engaged.


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Kenny Johnston

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