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It can be challenging to manage and organize hundreds, or even thousands, of employees across multiple sites efficiently. This need for efficiency is especially visible in the current climate with the growth of remote work in the past few weeks. Your team has gone from 8 sites to hundreds as more and more people self-isolate or practice social distancing. You, as the service provider must deliver the best possible service while maximizing your team. In this article, we look at the Workforce Management process as it applies to contact centres and specifically how Bill Gosling Outsourcing provides its partners with best-in-class workforce management.

What is Workforce Management and Why is it so Important to Contact Centres

Workforce management is a set of tools and processes that a business utilizes to help ensure that the right employee is in the right role at the right time. These tools and processes build in efficiency for the company, working towards the best possible service levels for your customers. Workforce management is a vital piece of the company’s overall workforce optimization plan.

Workforce Management began in call centres, where the initial goal was ensuring that the company had enough coverage for the incoming and outgoing calls. As call centres have evolved into contact centres with omnichannel capabilities, workforce management has also evolved into a process to confirm that the agent receiving the contact has the right skill set to handle any challenges posed.  For example, new agents receive communications regarding level one inquiries, like a balance confirmation, and more experienced agents handling the potentially more volatile inquires like, missed payments. Utilizing an effective workforce management program will improve many key performance indicators and improve overall customer satisfaction.

How is it different at Bill Gosling?

Bill Gosling Outsourcing utilizes a dedicated Intraday Queue Management team for all Inbound/Care programs, this team provides insight back to the forecasting and scheduling team members so adjustments can be made, and trends are identified in real-time. The Queue Mangement team works in conjunction with the operational unit and Mission Control Team - to understand any outbound campaigns and their timing that may affect call/email arrival patterns. The Bill Gosling Outsourcing Workforce Management Team consists of dedicated support staff, including a Forecaster, Scheduler, and Real-Time Adherence staff members. Bill Gosling Outsourcing’s Workforce Management Team revamped its tools and team to meet new requirements and get ahead of and drive further changes for the future.

Forecasting & Capacity

Traditional forecasting is based on historical data, often data is outdated, and the ability to be versatile decreases. Bill Gosling’s tool was revamped to allow for last-minute changes – 4-week weighted averages, which are easily adjusted. It will enable us to catch changes quickly in terms of call arrival, volume, and average handle time (AHT), and include them in forecasting. Forecasts become requirements outlining current capacity and our potential/what we need (hardware and staffing).


Some look at the schedule as a guide for staff to know when to be at work only, but it should be more. Our schedules include SLA forecasting by interval based on requirements. As schedules are adjusted, we can see the impacts on Service levels at the interval level in real time. This real-time analysis allows our teams to efficiently deploy solutions to meet the service levels and ensure customer experience is not negatively impacted.

Intraday & Mission Control

Our Mission Control and Intraday Teams provide real-time feedback to scheduling, forecasting, and leadership. Employ the necessary strategy and solutions to staffing overages and shortages. The real-time display highlights calls-in-queue; if these are above the normal volumes, Bill Gosling Outsourcing leadership will receive an alert via text. Bill Gosling Outsourcing will then escalate to the Client, as appropriate, with the employed strategy to ensure Service Levels and Abandon targets are met in the face of increased volume. As our teams are embracing the new world of work from home and our Clients are embracing omnichannel technology solutions (IVC, SMS, Email, etc), the Bill Gosling Workforce Management team is able to bridge the gaps and provide best-in-class service no matter the challenges we are facing.

Case Studies

Here is a shortlist of the things that Bill Gosling’s WFM team has accomplished recently.

National Roadside Assistance Client

Challenge: Schedule Gaps

Solution: We partnered with the Client to revamp the way staff requirements are received. We now receive shifts as opposed to volumes which has driven much more accurate staffing-to-requirements, the ability to identify gaps quickly, and it has encouraged even more partnership between Client and Bill Gosling WFM teams. The WFM team developed tools that have identified gaps in the same Client’s shift process. We are now in discussion to become part of, or at least more involved in, the Client’s internal shift bidding. We can turn around a schedule with issues corrected often in under 1-day (70 agent schedules), something Client gives praise for almost every week in WFM meetings. Had WFM not identified the schedule gaps, the Client’s service levels would have been deficient and call abandons, excessive.

Top 3 US Fintech

Challenge: Call segmentation

Solution: We partnered with the Client to identify the best ways to use the Client’s preferred platform. The team offered valuable insight, tested different apps, and shared best practices with one of our highest priority clients. The Client’s WFM team was, and still is, very grateful they can learn from our experience and knowledge, the Automatic Call Distribution switch couldn’t have been as smooth as it was without this team in place.

Global Credit Card Client

Challenge: Team Management and Outdated KPI Feedback

Solution: We recently developed the dashboard for the Client – this tool allows us to have a much more real-time view of KPIs, absenteeism, and action steps being employed to improve where needed. While a recent add, the value of fast information and action will prove extremely valuable.

US Water Technology Company

Challenge: Low service levels, high abandon rates and uncertainty of staffing levels

Solution: Bill Gosling consulted with this Client, examining average handle times, arrival patterns and volume fluctuations. Provided insight and analysis to justify the team budget for 2020.


**It is important to note that even clients that provide shifts still require BILL GOSLING OUTSOURCING WFM to schedule the shifts with the right people and manage Service Level at the real-time interval level.

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Justin Hurdle

Justin Hurdle

Justin has over 18 years of contact center and outsourcing experience. He joined Bill Gosling in 2011 and is now the Director of Workforce Management and Planning. Justin is based in our London, Ontario office but is instrumental in dozens of projects across all of our sites and locations.


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